LED Video Light

High-quality high CRI lamp beads,5600K color
temperature,with 258 LED bulbs.Ten-stop adjustment of
the light brightness, the color is monochrome.
Custom control fill
Soft light board
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
CRI lamp beads
258 LED bulbs
Each side
Power of 15w
Light adjustment
Ten levels
Color temperature

8 Kinds of

Scene Lights

Multiple Colors

The multi-color soft light board is used to
customize the filling light

Fast heat dissipation

This wand light adopts a porous design to accelerate the
airflow and achieve faster heat dissipation, thereby ensuring the
stability and fluency of the work.

Rechargeable Battery

7.4V 4400mAh rechargeable large
capacity lithium battery,
long-lasting, comes with battery charger for
convenient recharging.

Wide Application

TD-JY258 is specially designed for experienced
photography enthusiasts. The product usage scenarios
are suitable for live broadcast, outdoor,
studio photography, etc., and can also be used
for YouTube video shooting.

Excellent Brightness

LED light panel adopts 258pcs led beads, illuminance
up to 6000lux/0.5m, 1800lux/1m, CRI≥97, there are
Helps restore and enrich the color of objects,
providing you with natural and vivid shooting
effects. It is perfect light for video
conferencing,video shooting, interview, live
streaming,YouTube, studiolighting.

1 Light Kit


2 Light Kit

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