GVM-520LS-B2 Bi-Color Video Light


Excellent Lighting Effect and Features:
High Brightness&520 Light Bulbs With ultrahigh CRI & TLCI 97+ design, this led video light can make the saturation of pictures look fuller and more beautiful. It has 520pcs durable LED bulbs, variable Tungsten-Daylight from 3200-5600K, and its u-bracket can Support 360 angle remote.

Digital LCD Display :
Built-in Digital Display Screen Digital display shows brightness from 10% to 100% and color temperature from 3200K to 5600K, which lets you operate easily and work more effectively.

Aviation Aluminum Body & Long Life-Span:
【High Quality Metal Case Designate GVM 520LS LED video light’s shell is made of excellent quality aviation alloy which is thick and not easily damaged and speeds up heat dissipation, which will greatly prolong the life-span of the light beads. ( GVM 520LS LED video light’s life-span is 70000 hours)

Dual Power Solution:
【Two ways of power supply One way of charging is through a power adapter and the other way is through the battery (not included ), such as NP-550, NP-750, and NP-960.


- Model: GVM-520LS-B2
- LED Beads: 520pcs lamp bead
- CRI: ≥ 97 + TLCI: 97+
- Lumen: 8000Lux/30inch
- Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
- Power: 31W
- Voltage: DC15V
- Battery Output: DC 14.8V
- Input Voltage: 110-220V
- Power Source: Power Adapter or
    Sony F550 F750 F960 Li-ion battery
    (Note: The battery is not included)
- Dimension: 12.7 x 13.4 x 3.1 inch
- Package Size: 490*295*410mm
- Package Weight:  8.38kg

Package List

GVM-520LS Bi-Color Video Light Packing List
1x LED video light
1x Bracket soft filter
1x Soft filter
1x Power adapter
1x Power cable
1x LED video light package

GVM-520LS Bi-Color Video 2 Lights Kit Packing List
2x LED video light
2x Light stand
2x Bracket soft filter
2x Soft filter
2x Power adapter
2x Power cable
1x LED video light package

GVM-520LS Bi-Color Video 3 Lights Kit Packing List
3x LED video light
3x Light stand
3x Bracket soft filter
3x Soft filter
3x Power adapter
3x Power cable
1x LED video light package

GVM-520LS-B Bi-Color Video Light $139.99

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