1. High-quality black matte finish EVA carry bag with GVM logo
  2. GVM durable and anti-fall handbag which can withstand 30kg of pressure
  3. Large capacity and easy to carry around
  4. Ideal for outside use
  5. Suit for GVM 520LS-B, GVM 520LS-R, GVM 520LS, GVM 520S, GVM 672S-B, GVM 672S
  6. Carry bag Only, products not included
EVA Bag For GVM520/672S Specifications

Model: GVM-520B/672SB
Materials: EVA
Package weight: 1.98 pounds
Packing dimensions: 15.35*15.35*4.33 inches
EVA Bag For 520S/672S $24.99

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