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  1. Better luminous effect:the GVM 520S LED video light with 520 LED beads can emit brighter light than other LED video light with fewer LED beads, high CRI & TLCI 97+ can make the saturation of pictures look fuller and more beautiful, U-shaped bracket can support 360°rotation and the lifespan of GVM 520LS LED video light is 70000 hours.
  2. Built-in LCD display: LCD panel shows brightness from 10% to 100% and color temperature from 3200K to 5600K readings which make the light look more natural, let you operate easily and work more efficiently.
  3. 4 memory buttons: GVM LED video light can collect and memorize four different groups of color temperature and brightness. If you want to use the same color temperature and brightness, you can use it to reduce your time.
  4. One light controls multiple salve lights: you can control the brightness and color temperature of many salves LED video lights through the master video light at the same time.
  5. What you can get : 3 lights, 3 light stands, 3 barn doors, 3 power adapters, 6 brackets, 3 diffusers, 3 stand diffusers, 1 carry bag.
Product description

GVM-520S3L Bi-Color Video Light Description

2018 GVM-520S video light, with the most advanced technology and accurate index, you can get other brands can not get the price and function.

Suitable for: studio lighting, video shooting, YOUTUBE video recording, photographic shooting , outdoor photography, and painting lighting.

1. CRI & TLCI 97+: With this index you get plenty of brightness and excellent color, which is close to the true color of the sun (true solar index is CRI100 +).

2.Two knobs: A knob to adjust the brightness of the video light from 10% -100%, Another knob to adjust the video lamp's color temperature change 3200K-5600K.

3. Two power supply modes: 1.AC adapter (included) 2. Two NF series panels (battery not included).

4. Thermal Case: Aluminum alloy thermal texture shell, the use of photographic lighting does not produce a little noise, the appearance of novel, the United States market only GVM in the sale.

5. GVM Holder diffuser:GVM's special custom mount diffusers have been tested and compared to provide better soft light effects than the jumbo softboxes Very helpful, in product photography and video portraits.

6. U-shaped frame can rotate 365 degrees, Meet the needs of multi-angle light.

7. Low power: use two NP-F970 battery can be used continuously 7.5-10.5 hours video light.


GVM-520S3L Bi-Color Video Light Specifications

Model: GVM-520S
Color: Green
Bead: 520 lamp bead
LED Bulb Life: 70,000 Hours
CRI: 97 +
TLCI: 97+
Lumen: 18500Lux/20inch 
Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
Power: 31W
Voltage: DC15V
Battery output: DC 14.8V
Input voltage: 110-220V
Power Source: Power adapter or sony f550 f750 f970 li-ion battery (note: The battery is not included)

Packing List

GVM-520S3L Bi-Color Video Light Packing List

3x LED video light
3x Holder diffuser
3x Soft filter
3x Barn door
3x Power adapter
3x Power cable
1x LED video light package

GVM-520S3L Bi-Color Video Light $499.00

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