GVM 896S Bi-Color LED Studio Video Light 3-Panel Kit with Remote Control

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GVM 896S Bi-Color LED Studio Video Light 3-Panel Kit with Remote Control

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  • Feature:

    1. 【896 Beads and 25 Degree Shooting Angle】 896 beads led video lighting kit with 25-degree shooting angle making the shooting area concentrated and super bright. Besides, with a wide color temperature ranging from 2300-6800K, you could easily meet your shooting needs.
    2. 【Wireless Remote Controller】This video lighting kit comes with a wireless controller. You could conveniently adjust the brightness and color temperature via the controller, without walking back and forth to the light and your camera.
    3. 【4 Group of Parameters Collecting Function】- This GVM LED light can collect and remember 4 groups of different color temperature and brightness. You could use any parameters you collect before directly by pressing 1,2,3,4
    4. 【One Light with Multi-Lamps Control Function】- GVM 896 led lighting has master and slave control mode. You could easily set one light as the master mode and other GVM lights as slave mode, by which you could conveniently control all lights with the master one (wireless controller is attached for easy operation)
    5. 【Support & Warranty】 - GVM video lights come with 365 days free warranty and refund within 30 days. GVM support team promise 24h friendly customer service and email support. US local company
    Product Description

    GVM-896S-3L Bi-color Video Light Descriptiopn

    ✔Collecting and Memory Function
    1. Adjust brightness and color temperature needed.
    2. Long pressing button 1 to save it as setting 1 ( same for button 2,3,4).
    3. When setting 1 is needed in shooting, directly press button 1 without adjusting the brightness and color temperature again.
    ✔Master and Slave Control Mode
    1. Set one GVM LED light as the master light.
    2. Set other GVM video lights as the slave light (total 12 channels and each channel could set up to 10 lights).
    3. Adjust brightness and color temperature of all slave light via the control of the master one (via changing channels to adjust the lights separately).
    ✔Aluminum Alloy with Good Heat Dissipation 
    Dissipate heat gradually, by this means it well protects the bulbs, making them more long lasting with the service time to 70,000 hours.

    ✔ LCD Display for Clear Read-out
    Showing clear and accurate brightness and color temperature. You could easily adjust color temperature and brightness through two knobs.

    ✔ 25 Beam Angle with Color Temperature Ranging from 2300-6800K 
    Wide temperature could create different atmospheres. The brightness ranges from 10% - 100% meeting different shooting needs.

    ✔ Wireless Remote Control for Efficient Work
    Easy adjusting color temperature and brightness in a studio, portrait photography, live show, YouTube video shooting, outdoor events, fashion display.
    ✔Two Different Diffusers
    Come with two diffusers for softening the light. One is inserted directly into the panel light while the other is installed with four support screws, which makes light softer.
    Compact and portable barn doors give you precise control of the light spread, create ideal light effects. When closing the barn door, it could protect the lamp beads.
    Product Specification

    GVM-896S-3L Bi-color Video Light Specification

    Model :GVM-896S-2L
    Bead: 896 lamp beads
    CRI: ≥ 97 +
    TLCI: 97+
    Color temperature: 2300K-6800K 
    Power: 54W
    Battery output: DC 14.8V
    Input voltage: 110-220V
    Power source: Power adapter or Sony f550 f750 f960 lithium battery (Battery sold separately)
    size: 32.3*34.1*8cm
    Package size : 68*21*37.5cm 
    Light weight: 1.87kg 
    package weight: 18.65 kg

    Packing List

    GVM-896S-3L Bi-color Video Light Packing List

    3 x 896 LED Video Lights
    3 x Bracket Soft Diffuser
    3 x Soft Diffuser 
    3 x Barn Doors 
    3 x Power Adapters 
    3 x Power Cables 
    3 x Light Stands
    1 x Wireless Remote Controller
    1 x Large Carrying Bag for Lighting Kit