5 simple props to create professional portrait effects

When you see the cool and gorgeous visual effects in professional portrait photography, you will definitely think “what equipment was used and how did you shoot it?”

Professional-level portrait special effects, some rely on expensive equipment and high-end techniques; while others only require some ultra-cheap small objects, and can be created with very simple techniques.

What I want to introduce to you today is how to use some cheap small objects in life to create professional portrait background skills. Friends who love to take portraits should not miss it!

  1. Aluminum foil

If you happen to have extra aluminum foil (tinfoil works too) on hand, knead it and spread it out, and it will have a lot of creases on its surface, like this:

Stick a few pieces of crumpled tin foil like this on the background board, adjust the distance between the model and the background board, light it well, and you will get a gorgeous shiny background:

If you only have a little aluminum foil on hand, the background is obviously not enough, but you can use it in a different way.

Tear off the aluminum foil and cut into small pieces. After you’ve adjusted the framing composition and exposure parameters, ask the assistant to throw a small flake in front of the lens, and then press the shutter.

Against the dark background, these little foils turn into a shiny silver foreground, which is not only gorgeous, but also creates some occlusion like a framed composition.

  1. LED lights

The usage of LED lights is similar to that of aluminum foil, but the effect is better. However, the cost is also higher.

You can string LED lights and hang them on a backdrop away from the model to create a gorgeous bokeh backdrop—many Christmas-themed portraits, too:

You can also hang LED lights from above and place them in the foreground between the model and the camera; of course, if you have more lights on hand, you can put them in the front and back:

  1. DIY Snoot

Snoots are a type of equipment that can concentrate light more, and are mostly used for studio lighting; but sometimes, you can also use it as the main light source to create very dramatic portraits:

If you like the spotlight-like effect and don’t want to buy a snoot, you might as well make your own.

The easiest way to do this is to put the potato chip tube over the flash. If you are afraid of scratching the flash, you can stick some tape as a buffer; insert some straws into the other end of the potato chip tube, the effect will be better.

  1. Foam board false window projection

Feeling that a plain, simple background is too boring and want to personalize it?

Then, you can try to create a personalized background effect of “false window projection”, like this:

The production method is also very simple. Find a piece of foam board, cut out four rectangles of equal size, place it in front of the auxiliary light source, hit it diagonally on the background, and you’re done!

  1. Nebulizer

Every family will not be short of used cosmetics and aerosol bottles. Don’t be in a hurry to throw them away, just rinse them and load with clean water.

Then lightly press the sprayer to spray a small amount of water on the lens. Adjust the aperture shutter parameters, and you will have this hazy and dreamy bokeh in the foreground, like this:

Remember to dry the lens immediately after use. In addition, the amount of water spray should not be too large, otherwise the lens will easily enter the water, and the shooting effect is often not good.

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