7 Tips for Product Shooting

Product shots require product images that clearly and accurately depict them to help consumers make purchasing decisions. They are the images you’ll see in catalogs and online stores to enhance product descriptions and give you an idea of what you’re buying. From jewelry to pet food, skincare and makeup to kitchen equipment, product photography covers just about everything on sale, making it a very diverse genre.


In product shots, you can choose to use natural light or artificial light for better results. The light also needs to be diffused so as not to introduce harsh shadows into the image. Use a diffuser, or try a fill light to balance your key light, reflectors, bounce cards to direct light back from the main light source to eliminate shadows.

For shooting objects with high reflectivity, such as glass, metal, water surface, etc., soft light is often used for shooting, which is conducive to avoiding reflections from damaging the picture effect, and can also highlight the characteristics of the subject.

Objects shot with hard light have obvious shadows, and the subject has obvious light-receiving and backlight surfaces. By using such light and shadow effects to shoot rough objects, the texture of the object can be truly expressed, and the three-dimensional sense of the subject can be highlighted at the same time.

The metal surface is easy to reflect light, and it will reflect the surrounding environment to the metal surface, so the shooting of metal is generally operated in a dark environment, and the ideal effect can be achieved with full surround or semi surround lighting. Shooting metal objects focuses on highlighting the texture and three-dimensional effect of metal.

2.Use reflections to enhance three-dimensionality

Photography not only requires accurate exposure of the picture, but also highlights the texture and three-dimensional sense of the object, giving people a real feeling. e.g. shooting

When using a watch, you can use the reflection to enhance the three-dimensional effect.


Using a tripod to assist in shooting can avoid shaking when you are shooting your product, and it can also ensure that your framing and angle are consistent, thereby improving the professionalism of your photos.


The most obvious background for product shots is a solid white background, which does not easily distract from the product and provides consistency. Choose a background that matches the product. For example, when shooting jewelry, you can choose to use velvet as the background, which will look noble and luxurious. 

When shooting drinks, you can choose a fresh solid color background, which will be more suitable for the feeling of summer, giving people a refreshing feeling.


Product photography sometimes needs some props as a background, which can set off your products and enrich the picture, or fix some special-shaped and round products.

6.Shooting from multiple angles

Product shots don’t have to feature a single product in a given setup. Take lots of individual photos from different angles to find the best one, or try these other product photography setups.

It’s also important to shoot the details, focusing on important elements of the product, such as the engraving on the necklace pendant or the bag’s interior pockets and fasteners.

7.Packaging photo

Exquisite packaging is also one of the points that attract users to buy, so when shooting products, you can also take pictures of the packaging together.

They may sound redundant, but people care about packaging, either because it adds luxury or because it acts to protect the product. If a company is having a lot of trouble promoting their beautifully packaged product, they’ll want to have it photographed as well.

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Lightweight and portable, easy to use

Compared with spotlights, flat lights are relatively easier to operate. It does not need as many auxiliary accessories as spotlights, and generally one person can complete the lighting and shooting.