GVM B100C is a film-grade flexible cloth lamp newly developed by GVM,
which has the advantage of being foldable and can be shaped like a soft cloth
To meet the needs of more photographers, photography enthusiasts, and film and television practitioners,
the practicability of a variety of special effect modes provides photographers
with more efficient and convenient shooting options
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Step-less adjustable
RGB 0°-360°
Each side
Power of 200w
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
Scene lights
8 Special lights

APP Intelligent

Control System

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh networking system, you can search for "GVM_B200C"
in the App store to download the mobile app (iOS and Android) to remotely control the lights;
Through the Bluetooth Mesh networking system, users can control multiple GVM-B200C devices at the same time.
The intuitive control panel on the App makes the lighting scene layout easier and faster, saving a lot of time and energy


GVM B100C can be used together with a diffuser to meet the needs of different shooting scenarios


The power of GVM-PRO-B100C is as high as 100W, the dual color temperature can be adjusted
from 2000K to 10000K, the color rendering index is as high as 97+, the full color gamut is perfectly presented,
and the high-brightness light source can be continuously output.


GVM B100C can use v-mount battery without power supply,
which is convenient for outdoor scene layout

18 Light Effects

The light effect mode of PRO-B100C provides 18 kinds of light effects
The light effect is more outstanding, and it is easy to realize creative shooting.

Flexible foldable

GVM B100C adopts a soft base material, which has strong flexibility and can withstand a certain degree of 1
folding and curling. The design further enhances the structure of the lamp body, which is not easy
to damage the LED lamp beads. It does not need to install a high-strength shell, and the whole is lighter

12 Source Effects

GVM B100R provides 12 different types of light sources to choose from. 1
When you need a specific light source, it can save a lot of adjustment time.
It is perfect for portrait shooting, video shooting, still life advertising shooting,
Tiktok shooting and other shooting scenarios .

Aluminum alloy bracket

GVM B100C has a light stand holder, which can be installed on the light stand,

GEL Mode

GEL color paper mode: There are two types of color paper, ROSCO and LEE, each of which has 30 color cards
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