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Event photography is very different from shooting portraits. The immediacy of the moment is something you either capture or don’t capture. In order to get great results, you must go all out. In order to achieve excellent results, you must go all out. This requires a lot of preparation work but also has the ability to adapt.

Use an off-camera flash-one of the best things you can do when shooting an event is to use an off-camera flash. This provides amazing light, and if you set up multiple flashes, you can shoot from multiple angles. This is especially important if you are shooting indoor events.

Make sure to have a list of shots—whether you are shooting for an event, wedding, or concert photography, you should have a list of shots. This is the easiest way to ensure that you record everything, and it will really help you manage customer expectations.

Take pre-event photos-many people don’t think about it, but they do appreciate pre-event photos. Your job should be to take pictures of the entire event, which includes taking pictures of all the table settings, etc. This way, when your customers view their images, they can experience everything again!

Don’t disturb the guests-so you are here to catch everything, right? Can you not disturb the guests? There are some guidelines to make this easier. First of all, unless there is no other choice, never block someone’s sight. Make sure you are always polite and never take photos of people who ask you not to do so. Finally, don’t bother guests just for taking pictures. Wait until the time is right, or even better-grab a few candid pictures!

Always look out for frank opportunities-When it comes to frank photos, you should always look for the next frank opportunity. One way you can do this is to be ready to take pictures at any time. This way, when someone shows a sincere smile, you can catch it. However, there are some things to stay away from. In the past, wedding photographers liked to take secret pictures of people eating. These are almost never appreciated and shouldn’t be the type of photos you take.

Of course, you must also take certain staged shots. Be sure to put these on the timetable. In this way, everyone involved in the photoshoot will know when and where to pose. This is by far the best way to get the image you are looking for.

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