GVM Photography Lights: Transforming Film Production with “Atlante’s Mistaken Fiancée” and “Lady Lotus

GVM Photography’s Brand Activities and Influence in Film Production GVM Photography has made significant strides in the film industry, establishing its presence through its high-quality lighting solutions. The GVM PRO series photography lights, in particular, have garnered attention for their pivotal role in the production of two notable films, “Atlante’s Mistaken Fiancée” and “Lady Lotus”. … Read more

GVM & Adorama Lighting Workshop: Creativity Lights up the World

Live link:https://www.youtube.com/@AdoramaEvents/streams Activity Address: 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011 Get Tickets Join us at the in-person workshop to master the art of light with photographer Stephen St. Peter and cinematographer Cory Warner. About this event The Lighting Workshop presented through a collaborative effort between GVM and Adorama features Stephen St. Peter and … Read more

GVM Illuminates Cam Con 2024 with Cutting-Edge Cinema Lighting Technology

The premier manufacturer of cinema lighting technology, made a luminous impact at the annual Cam Con, hosted at the esteemed University of California Santa Barbara on May 3rd.Specializing in state-of-the-art LED lighting equipment tailored for professional film productions, GVM showcased its stellar lineup of lighting fixtures, including the acclaimed Pro Series, to an eager audience … Read more

VisionFest 2024: A Launchpad for GVM’s Hollywood Ascent

With a 30-year history, the VisionFest in LA, sponsored by GVM, has concluded, leaving an unforgettable impact among the filmmaking industry. The festival, renowned for celebrating the innovation and talent of young filmmakers, shone brighter this year with GVM’s involvement, marking a huge milestone for GVM’s future development in Hollywood. For over two decades, VisionFest … Read more

Tutorial on Photography Lights: All You Need to Know about Video Lights and Lighting

Table of contents     • Introduction • Understanding the Basics of Photography Lighting • Video Lights: A Complete Overview • Setting up Your Video Lighting Kit • Mastering Lighting Techniques for Video • Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid • Enhancing Your Video Lighting Skills • Conclusion   Introduction Welcome to the wonderful world of … Read more

GVM Cross Asian World Film Festival 2023 in its Opening Night

GVM collaborated with the Asian World Film Festivals 2023 in its Opening Night, where the well-known actress Luyan Lu showed her presence. The Asian World Film Festival 2023’s Opening Night on November 9 was a luminous affair, with GVM taking center stage as the event’s proud sponsor, casting a cinematic glow that heightened the excitement. … Read more

FILAM Creative Film Festival Opens with GVM Lighting Up the Red Carpet

Date: November 3, 2023 Los Angeles, California – The highly anticipated FILAM Creative Film Festival, held in Los Angeles, kicked off in grand style on November 3, drawing the attention of esteemed figures from the film industry and cinephiles alike. GVM, the lighting sponsor of this cinematic extravaganza, illuminated the red carpet, adding an unparalleled … Read more