How to highlight the subject when shooting, tell you 6 practical skills!

How to make the subject of your photo distinct and the subject stand out is a very important issue in photography. Photography is a plastic art, and the modeling must have a clear theme. If the theme is to be clear, sometimes the subject must be prominent. So, what can you do to make your subject stand out when shooting?

1、Use the composition method

From the perspective of visual psychology, the position of the subject in the picture also directly affects the audience’s attention to it. Appropriate lines can be used to guide the audience’s sight, such as; rivers; creeks, etc. as guide lines to lead out the main body. Arrange the subject on the golden section line to highlight the subject. There are still many ways to highlight the subject by means of communication. There are no certain rules and needs to be adaptable.

2、Use the relationship between virtual and real

The main body must not be virtual, and the foil can be virtual to highlight the main body. To master the relationship between the virtual and the real, the virtual must be resolute. It is used more in portrait photography and close-up description.

3、Use color contrast

When dealing with the relationship between the subject and the background, it is especially necessary to prevent the phenomenon of relying on colors. The greater the color difference between the subject and the background, the stronger the visual effect; if the brightness difference between different colors is added, the subject and the background will form.

The greater the chromatic aberration, the less the subject drowns in the background. Generally speaking, the greater the difference between the subject and the background, the more distinct the subject will appear, and thus the more favorable it will be for expressing the subject.

4、Use a clean background

Photography is subtraction, the classic language of photography. Photography is not like painting. It needs to extract materials from life, especially through a process of reducing complexity and simplifying. And once the picture is cluttered, even the most beautiful and meaningful subjects will be obliterated.

5、Use the difference in shape and size

When an object is displayed in front of us, it is often the larger object that attracts attention. Therefore, on a small screen, making full use of the limited area and letting the main object occupy a larger area is also an important method to highlight the subject. Close-up works often have a strong visual impact, because the subject occupies the main or even the whole picture in the close-up photo, and there is almost no background irrelevant to the subject.

6、Use the contrast of light and shadow

Photography is the art of light and shadow. Therefore, it is also an important means to use the light and dark relationship of light to highlight the subject. The usual practice is to arrange the main body in brighter light, and arrange the less important foil in the dark. The subject can be highlighted with the help of various means of lighting. For example, a bright background sets off a dark subject, a dark background sets off a bright subject, and so on. It is practical and easy to use light changes to highlight the subject.

For example, you can use the fill light to create a contrast between light and dark for the picture, and the fill light can be placed behind you to form a backlight and highlight the subject. The fill light is placed at any position on the left and right sides, which can illuminate the face on one side and make the character more three-dimensional. The fill lights are placed on the front and rear diagonal corners of the characters. The front lights are used as the main light source, and the rear lights are used as contour lights to make the characters more prominent and brighter.

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