Clever use of a light can also take high-end works

Take your portrait work to the next level and start with a light.Learn to set the light and control the light ratio. You can control it by adjusting the intensity of the light sources, or by adjusting the distance between the same light source. You only need one light to make complex changes in your work. Single-lamp lighting should consider the subject of the shooting, the physical characteristics of the characters, and how to combine the decoration of the background. After repeated debugging, the best lighting scheme will finally be obtained. A single-light portrait can actually be transformed into multiple “light sources”, such as the main light source plus a reflector, the main light source plus a window light source, etc. You can also use the light source to create some shadows to make the work more layered.

1、Light position shapes character texture

The front side light is matched with a soft box. This work shows the fashionable personality of the characters. The larger changes in light and shadow make the characters fuller, the three-dimensional sense is stronger, and the texture of the skin is clearer. The position of the light source is very important, a light position that is too high or too low can make a portrait look a little weird.

When a single light is used as the main light, the characters are easy to appear monotonous. You can try to change the light and shadow as much as possible. Fully observe the character structure to determine the placement of the single lamp.

2、Use the light position to express the character’s demeanor

This work makes the eyes of the characters full of stories, the contrast between the characters and the background is soft, and the demeanor of the characters is highlighted. In order to highlight the facial expressions of the characters, the photographer increased the distance between the characters and the background to increase the light ratio and highlight through the darker background.

Single-light lighting is great for creating great catchlights that accentuate the look of characters. Used with a softbox, it can soften the light, but it also has the characteristics of being relatively hard in terms of light quality. The light position of a single lamp varies widely, and the horizontal position or the vertical position can be selected according to the specific situation. Changes in light quality can also be considered. The characteristics of soft light single lamps and hard light single lamps are different.

3、Adjust the light position according to the contour of the model

In this photo, under the lighting of a single light, the characters are in silhouette, creating a sense of atmosphere that is both beautiful and mysterious. The hard light is used for shooting, the brightness of the hard light is high, and the light ratio contrast is large, which makes it easier to show the visual effect.

By grasping the distance between the single lamp and the character, you can change the area illuminated by the light.

When taking photos of backlit silhouettes, it is necessary to pay more attention to the performance of the shape and outline of the characters than the details of the characters.

GVM-P80S  High Power 80W LED Video Light

Without Lightcover :3000lux/1m(3.3′),12000lux/1m(1.64′)

With Lightcover :8000lux/1m(3.3′),42000lux/1m(1.64′)


Natural Sunlight Performance

Through CRI ratings 97+ and TLCI 97+let the color presenting natural and authentic.

Performance of 5600K color temperature matches the sun and blend seamlessly

as white light for objects more natural look.



High Power 80W LED Video Light

Ultra-high CRI 97+ helps to restore

and enrich the color light

The Video lighting kit can be powered with

object providing a natural

and vivid shooting effect to you

The GVM NEW 80W Spotlight is an ideal choice for photography, interviews, and live streams that require light colors with optimal precision, accuracy, and flicker-free output. The GVM-NEW 80W is made of high brightness COB LED beads which with high color rendering performance of over 97 CRI value and high brightness to help you restore true colors.

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