Colorful light and shadow, play with stick lights

A single led wand light can cover most of the scenes you shoot, easy to carry and arrange, very compact and easy to use. The led wand light refers to a rod-shaped light. Usually, it is composed of two parts: a light group and a control module. The light group occupies a large part of the led magic wand light and is composed of different numbers of LED lamp beads.

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The appearance is textured and soft, and it can even give people a light. Especially when shooting products, the texture improvement brought by soft light is believed to be irreversible. The led wand light can provide a smooth, uniform beam field. The panel’s large surface area produces bright, surround output with clean, soft shadows that act as a meter light on the subject.

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Usually the flash we use, it is very inconvenient to carry a soft light attachment with a relatively large volume and weight in case of expatriate. At this time, the led magic wand light is a good choice, it can play a great role, and the led magic wand light can also bring you a movie-level color temperature experience.

What are the uses of LED wand lights?

1.Product shooting

Compared with spotlights, led wand lights are lighter and more convenient to carry. The operation is not difficult, and it is very suitable for novice photographers to start. And there are many colors of the led wand light, you can adjust the color you want to shoot. For example, when shooting this drink, place a led wand light on the left and right sides of the product. We can adjust the stick light to the color corresponding to the drink packaging to create a colorful atmosphere.

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2.Take portraits

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In addition to shooting products, it is also a very good choice to shoot portraits with led wand lights. Especially at night to fill in the light, very suitable. There is also a style that modern people like very much, Cyberpunk, which refers to the combination of low-end life and high technology. Generally, the tones of punk-style photos will be dominated by blue and purple, usually purple in high light, blue in medium light, and black in dark light. Stick lights can bring out these colors, and you can easily shoot a high-level cyberpunk style.

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3.when decorative background

In addition to being used for photography lighting, the Led wand light can also be used as a decorative background light For example, when shooting car advertisements, use the Led magic wand light to build the shape you want, and adjust the cool colors to shoot.

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There is also this kind of use of led wand lights to build an e-sports studio, giving people a cool atmosphere of technology.

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GVM launches a new series of products-LED WAND LIGHT

GVM recommends a light and easy-to-use photography light for you:



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Light and color are the most direct expressions of picture presentation. GVM’s new series of products – GVM-PRO-BD25R/GVM-PRO-BD45R stick lights, have precise and high-pixel resolution, delicate and smooth light effect presentation, shining and colorful, Given the infinite possibilities of light, let’s explore the art of light and shadow together.

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Colorful lighting creates infinite possibilities for you

GVM’s first dazzling series of led magic wand lights, using SMD lamp beads, BD25R has 1-15 motion lattices, BD45R has 1-33 motion lattices, each pixel can be adjusted individually, or the whole control. Brightness, color temperature, hue, color purity, and RGB color can be freely adjusted, providing natural and vivid shooting effects, enriching the color of objects, and several light shaping possibilities to meet light needs and give you a super visual experience.

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12 blockbuster scene lighting simulations

Lightning, CCT cycle, candlelight, bad bulb, TV, paparazzi, explosion, pulse, disco, police car, party, HUE cycle and other scene lighting simulation, simple operation and easy to use. Each special effect is freely defined to help you create more creative lighting scenes.

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APP bluetooth control

In addition to the direct control on the upper panel of the led magic wand light, it can also be connected with a mobile phone APP, and multiple led magic wand lights can be connected at the same time and controlled at the same time. It is convenient to adjust the mode and color you want on the APP. The APP also has a color picker function. If you can’t adjust the desired color, you can also take a photo to pick the color.

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