Creative Portrait Lighting Guide: GVM lamps help create a great atmosphere and visual impact

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Portrait photography is an important field in the art of photography, and shooting creative portraits requires more professional skills and creativity. In the realization of a variety of creative composition at the same time, lighting is an important link that cannot be ignored. GVM branded lamps have become the first choice of many photographers for their high quality and versatility. Using GVM as an example, this article will show you how to use these lamps to create amazing creative portrait photography.

Background light: GVM-1200D video panel light Background light plays an important role in portrait photography, which can add layers and rich background atmosphere to the work. The GVM-1200D video panel light is used as a background light to provide stable and uniform lighting for shooting scenes. Set HUE to 0° and brightness to 100% to make the background a pure white or other monochromatic color to highlight the subject.

Second, atmosphere light: The use of GVM-YU150R atmosphere light can add a soft and warm atmosphere to portrait photography. GVM-YU150R as an atmosphere lamp, HUE is set to 0°, brightness is 50%, can create soft and warm light in the shooting scene, create a comfortable shooting environment for the subject, reduce the tension during shooting.

Main light: The main light of GVM-SD80D plus imaging mirror is the most important light source in creative portrait photography, which directly affects the expression and visual effect of the subject. GVM-SD80D as the main light source, output 2700K color temperature, brightness 100%, can provide soft warm tone light for portrait creation, enhance the atmosphere and emotion of the subject. The use of imaging mirrors further enhances the layered sense of photos, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to the work.

Fourth, top light: The use of GVM-PRO-SD200B top light can make the subject stand out in the picture, highlighting its three-dimensional sense and outline. GVM-PRO-SD200B acts as the top light to provide a uniform lighting effect, making the subject’s expression more vivid and three-dimensional. At the same time, the lamp’s high color rendering index and adjustable color temperature ensure the true restoration of the subject and make the photo more natural.

Five, creative application: multi-light combination In creative portrait photography, the combination of multi-light sources can achieve more colorful effects. You can try to add color filters in the background light, and create different background colors by adjusting HUE to enhance the visual impact of the picture. The color temperature filter is used in the atmosphere lamp to adjust the brightness and create a different shooting atmosphere. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the subject, the brightness and Angle of the main light and the top light are flexibly adjusted to highlight the unique personality.

The GVM-1200D video panel light, GVM-YU150R, GVM-SD80D and GVM-Pro-SD200B are outstanding lighting products from the GVM brand, and they play a key role in shooting creative portrait photography. The reasonable combination and application of background light, atmosphere light, main light and top light can add rich level and unique atmosphere to the work, and enhance the artistic value and visual impact of the photo.

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