Explore the GVM PRO Series of COB photography lights: Professional performance leads the industry standard

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In the field of photography and film production, lighting is one of the key elements. To meet the needs of photographers and professional film and television creators for high-quality lighting, the GVM brand has launched the highly anticipated PRO series of COB photography lights. This article will provide an in-depth look at the professional performance and impressive data of the PRO series of photography lights, demonstrating its leading position in the industry.

First, Model introduction: GVM PRO series COB photography lights include the following models: Pro-SD200B, Pro-SD300B, pro-SD400B, pro-SD500B, pro-SD650B. Each model has unique features and scope to meet different shooting scenarios and needs.

Ii. Professional data display:

1.Lux Illuminance: The PRO series COB photography lights provide excellent illuminance performance, creating ample and even light for photographers. Through precision design and high-quality light sources, the PRO series lamps achieve lighting effects of up to tens of thousands of lumens, ensuring the accurate presentation of picture details.

2.97+ Color rendering index: Color reproduction is one of the most important factors in photography and film production. PRO series photography lights use advanced light source technology, its color rendering index reaches 97+, has super stability within 10 hours, error within 50 data, can accurately restore the true color of the object, provide excellent color fidelity, make the image more vivid and lifelike.

3.Low blue light design: In recent years, people’s attention to eye health and visual protection has been increasing. GVM PRO series COB photography lights take into account the importance of low blue light in the design, through scientific light source control and filter technology, effectively reduce blue light radiation, reduce potential damage to the eyes, and make photography more comfortable and safe.

4.Color temperature range: PRO series photography lights have a wide range of color temperatures, which can be flexibly adjusted from 2700K to 6800K. This allows the photographer to precisely control the color temperature of the light according to different scenes and needs, creating the desired atmosphere and effect. Whether it is a warm yellow tone or a cool blue tone, the PRO series of lamps can meet the creative requirements of photographers.

Innovative technology behind professional performance: The excellent performance of GVM PRO series COB photography lights is due to its advanced technology and innovative design. Here are some key technical highlights:

1.COB light source technology: The PRO series uses COB (Chip-on-board) light source technology to achieve higher brightness and uniformity by integrating multiple LED chips on the same Chip. COB technology not only provides a more powerful light source, but also effectively reduces the problem of light spots and uneven colors, bringing better results for photographic creation.

2.Intelligent control and multi-lamp joint control: PRO series photography lights support intelligent control function, which can be realized through dedicated APP, DMX console and Bluetooth networking control. This allows photographers to easily adjust lighting parameters, achieve precise light control and creative expression, improve productivity and creative flexibility.

Conclusion: GVM PRO series COB photography lights with its excellent professional performance and eye-catching data, become the industry’s most concerned new blockbuster. Whether it is illuminance, color rendering index, low blue light design or color temperature range, the PRO series photography lights show their excellence in every aspect. These innovative technologies and professional features allow photographers to better control the lighting and create stunning images.

With the continuous development of the photography and film industry, the GVM brand is committed to providing photographers with better and more convenient lighting solutions through continuous innovation and technological breakthroughs. The launch of the PRO Series of COB photography lights marks a new milestone for GVM in the field of photographic lighting, opening up a wider range of possibilities for photographic creation.

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