Five shooting angles of photography composition

Shooting direction refers to the selection of shooting points around the subject on the same horizontal plane with the subject as the center. The shooting direction is usually divided into: front angle, oblique side angle, side angle, reverse side angle, and back angle.

1.The front angle

The frontal angle refers to the shooting position  that forms an angle with the front of the subject, and mainly expresses the typical image of the front of a certain subject. The composition of the frontal angle mainly shows that the objects are mostly located on the dividing line in the center of the picture, and it is often a symmetrical structure. Generally speaking, the frontal composition image is more dignified and stable.Photographers often use LED light panel or LED Bi-color spotlight to make the shooting reach that kind of level.

2.The oblique angle

A side angle is a shooting position that deviates from a frontal angle, or moves left or right around the subject to a side angle. When the deviation from the front and side angles is small, the image of the front side often changes little. You can choose an appropriate shooting position within the range of the front and side angles, which can not only express the image characteristics of the front or side of the object, but also the image of the object is rich and diverse.People usually realize this angle by using c stand. Changes can often receive vivid effects.

3.The side angle

The side angle generally refers to the shooting position that is perpendicular to the side of the subject, which mainly shows that the side of some objects has a typical image. For example, in portrait photography,the side angle can clearly see the external contour features of the person’s appearance, which makes the portrait form diverse. The side angle is more flexible than the front angle, and there can be some changes in the verticality of the side to obtain the shooting position that can best express the side image of the subject via LED light for video shooting.

The new GVM YU series LED panel is a powerful light source,and also best continuous led lighting for photography using the full RGB+WY five color light source, more colors can output a wider gamut, providing tens of millions of rich and vibrant colors.And it has high color rendering index CRI 97+.TLCI 97+This enables accurate color rendering on the camera and the most realistic restoration of object color. To achieve professional results, but also to provide you with natural and vivid shooting effects. It ensures that the color layout in the matrix system and RGBWY in the beam area are mixed evenly without color separation

Regular two-color temperature RGB board lamps adjust the color temperature and color light through a variety of different beads, which results in different power for different color temperatures and colors. Often the middle color temperature has a high power, while the power is low at low and high color temperatures. Makes the light intensity different for different color temperatures and colors. YU300R’s new algorithm automatically calculates the appropriate power for different color temperatures and colors while adjusting the color temperature and color of various light beads. Keep the brightness constant while adjusting the color temperature and RGB. At maximum brightness, a constant power of 300W can be maintained. 


Product Model: GVM-YU300R; Led Beads Quantity: COB*2

Power:Double side 300W ; Color Rendering Index: ≥97+

Color Temperature: 2700K-7500K

Lumen: 2000lux/1m

Add Standard Lampshade: 65000lux/1m

Brightness: 0.1%-100%; Voltage: AC 100-240V

By using the commonly used Bowen , GVM-SD300D best continuous led lighting for photography can be used with various light regulators, such as diffuser, diffuser, standard cover, etc.Bowen lamp holder is also available. This makes SD300D one of the most versatile lamps.This Bowen continuous light can make you sculpt light art well.SD300D adapts to most application and creative scenarios.By simply pressing a button and turning a quarter of a circle, you can quickly change the light regulator to keep up with today’s fast shooting pace.

This LED continuous lighting is also equipped with a built-in efficient cooling fan stepped air intake design for fan can effectively help COB beads to better heat dissipation, effectively improve the complex heat dissipation.If the shooting environment is overheated, the COB lamp head can be better protected.Extend the lifetime of the light.And the fan is muted when it dissipates heat, so there is no need to worry about interfering with the production of on-site shooting.


Feature : LCD Screen, High Display, APP Control,

Master/Slave Mode Control, DMX Control

Power : 300W

Voltage : AC 100-240V

Power Supply Mode : DC Input

Power Supply : 32V/9.5A

Cooling : Radiator & fan cooling

Remote Ability: ≤100m

Product Net Weight: 3.15KG

Product Size (mm) : 228x123x349

Product Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic

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