Forget the words when you make a video on self-media?

GVM these teleprompters can solve the problem well

With the rise of the live broadcast industry, a large number of anchors and businesses have flocked to this track. However, although many business anchors have done a lot of preparation work before the live broadcast, it is inevitable that they will forget words during the real live broadcast, which has a great impact on the overall effect of the live broadcast. Here we analyze some reasons for forgetting words during live broadcast:

The first reason is nervousness. It’s hard to focus on the content because of the tension. Often the focus is on things that have nothing to do with the live broadcast, such as how the audience sees me? How can I look more natural?

The second reason is because there is too much reliance on back drafts. When many people write manuscripts by rote, they often neglect to convert written language into normal spoken language. Once there is a stuck place, there will be more panic, resulting in more forgetting, and I don’t know where to start.

The third reason is insufficient preparation. I was unfamiliar with what I was talking about, and I relied too much on the scene to play, and eventually all the content in my mind evaporated.

In fact, most of the anchors have experienced these situations more or less during the live broadcast. Oftentimes, many anchors hope that someone can remind them by the side, but in practice, this method is not applicable, and it will affect the overall performance. Live atmosphere.


Then, we can use the following methods to avoid this situation from happening.


When you feel that your logic is unclear, you can choose to tell some stories from your own experience, because these contents do not need to be memorized, and you can speak them fluently.


In the process of shooting flowers, adding simple actions to interact with flowers, more interesting and plot, can inject a lot of sense of story into the shots. The picture is full of atmosphere, so reach out my friend!


Even if you get stuck during the live broadcast, don’t rush to start over, but keep talking. You can interact with the audience on a topic. The benefits of doing so will help us form a complete and uninterrupted speech experience and enhance our self-confidence;


Aluminum Alloy Base
The base and bracket made of aluminum alloy
make the equipment both light and strong.
This teleprompter is compatible
with mobile phones, iPad, and cameras


APP Control
iOS/Android GVM prompting app with adjustable font size,
Teleprompter kit adjustable playback speed, and
background color,Bluetooth remote control with scroll
a multi-layer dielectric coating (hard film) on the surface,
speed and scroll start/stop controls


The mirror plane adopts a colorless beamsplitter,
a multi-layer dielectric coating (hard film) on the surface,
no light loss, suitable for the various high-definition lens,
wide-angle design, prompter document display is clear,
no reflection, and no flaws will be exposed during shooting.


GVM TQ-LD teleprompter

Compatible With Multiple Cameras
Wide viewing angle design, shooting without wear. Suitable for all kinds of high-definition lenses. Compatible with the installation of various photographic equipment.


Welcome to use “TQ-LD”. This product is specially created for senior photography enthusiasts. The product can solve the problem of forgetting words and wrong words in live broadcast/studio photogra-phy/YouTube video shooting, making broadcasting more relaxed and natural.


These two teleprompters are easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere, and allow you to see pre-written manuscripts during the recording process, allowing you to easily unscript and make a confident and fluent live broadcast!

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