Game broadcast room construction scheme

For beginners, one spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of costs to create an esports game broadcast room, to make the effect may not be as low cost to create the broadcast room, if you can not master the broadcast room layout skills, will only waste energy and money.

Today to organize how to create a beautiful esports game broadcast room

1、Live broadcast venue

Now most live broadcasts are in portrait, so the venue doesn’t need to be too big. According to the number of people, the individual venue is controlled within 8-15 square meters, and the team live venue is 20-40 square meters. From the category point of view, the game live field control in 8 square meters, as long as the field space is appropriate, where the requirements are not very high.

2、Picture display

Before the broadcast, the seats and computers should be neatly displayed, on the one hand, to fill the picture, on the other hand, to make the broadcast room look orderly, giving the audience a sense of glance.

3、Scene of live broadcast

Three key parts of a live scene: lighting, music, and background.

Light refers to fill light, live the best have 1-3 lamp LED Video light

Music is also a key factor to adjust the atmosphere of the broadcast room. Choose a good song list to adjust the volume in the early stage, and avoid too much volume.

Background is also a major factor affecting the visual sense of the audience. Finally, light and solid color background is mainly used to highlight the image of anchors, which is simple and bright. The background of the broadcast room should also be changed frequently to give the audience a novel feeling and relieve visual fatigue. Different types of anchors can set backgrounds to suit their personalities, so that the audience will be more immersed in your broadcast room.

4、Scene atmosphere

If the background of the white wall is too monotonous, you can hang two RGB Wand light  on the back of the anchor. You can not only use color light to add atmosphere, but also play the role of mercerizing the hair behind the anchor, playing the role of backfill light

Color Exclusion Zone:

  1. The color scheme of the background should not be too much. Although the multi-color scheme is gorgeous, it is easy to distract fans’ attention;
  2. If the curtain is used as the background wall, the grain selection is as simple as possible, avoid the use of zebra stripes and lattice type curtains, which are easy to produce a sense of pressure after a long time;
  3. It is taboo to use a large area of dark color in the background. A large area of dark color is easy to make fans feel distant from you.

Game broadcast room best main light and auxiliary light LED Panel light


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