Today we are going to make some innovations on the basis of the standard three-lamp fill light. When shooting portraits, first use an 80W spotlight as the main light. 80W spotlight plus soft light grille cover, on the one hand, it can make the light softer and conceal the blemishes of the human face. On the other hand, it can control the direction of the light and turn the point light source into parallel light. This is very important and can reduce the impact. Other lighting and background effects. You can place this main light on the top of the front to hit the butterfly light or place it on the side and top of the front to hit the Rembrandt light.
Next, we will take advantage of the 800D panel light. The 800D panel light is an RGB color light that can emit 3,600,000 colors, with uniform and soft light, which is especially suitable for lighting portraits. First put a lamp on the front side of the model, facing the side face of the model, so that the colored light is evenly shining on the hair on one side of the model and a little side face, without affecting the white light of the front face.
Then put another 800D on the other side of the model, and illuminate the other side of the model. At this time, pay attention to the color of the light. According to the effect you want, two 800Ds are recommended to use different colors, like, In the example, we adjusted the blue one and the red one, which can create a cyberpunk style.
These three lights are the most commonly used and most flexible combination. There are many lighting methods to create different effects according to your needs.
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