GVM’s new PRO series: The perfect combination of innovation and functionality

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In the field of photography and film production, lighting is an indispensable element of creation. The GVM brand is about to launch the highly anticipated GVM-PRO series spotlights, which offer a wide range of power options from 200 watts to 650 watts. With its outstanding features and functions, the GVM-PRO series spotlights have become the first choice for photographers and film producers. This article will deeply explore the advantages of GVM-PRO series spotlights, including APP control, DMX control, Bluetooth mesh networking, multi-lamp control, 12 kinds of dynamic lighting effects and 12 kinds of light source matching functions, for readers to present a feast on the creation of lighting.

First, powerful control function

APP control: The GVM-PRO series spotlights support operation through the APP intelligent control function. With a mobile phone or tablet device, photographers can easily adjust the brightness of the light, color temperature, dynamic light effect and other parameters to achieve accurate light and shadow control.

DMX control: The GVM-PRO series spotlights also support DMX control, which allows fine adjustment and programming of lights through the DMX console. This allows photographers to achieve more complex and precise lighting effects according to different shooting needs.

Bluetooth mesh networking: With Bluetooth mesh networking technology, GVM-PRO series spotlights can realize wireless joint control between multiple lamps. Photographers can control multiple spotlights at the same time through a single control device, increasing work efficiency and convenience.

Second, multi-functional linkage control

Multi-light control: The multi-light control function of the GVM-PRO series spotlights enables photographers to control multiple lamps at the same time to achieve a unified light and shadow effect. Whether shooting a large scene or a creative work requiring complex lighting changes, multi-light control can help photographers easily achieve the desired lighting effect.

12 dynamic light effects: The GVM-PRO series spotlights provide 12 dynamic light effects, such as lightning, candlelight, paparazzi, etc. These dynamic lighting effects can create more creative and attractive light and shadow effects for photographers, injecting more vitality and expression into the work.

12 light source matching: GVM-PRO series spotlights also provide 12 light source matching, including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. Through accurate light source matching, photographers can simulate the characteristics of light in different scenes to achieve a more realistic and realistic lighting effect.

Three, a variety of application fields

Monolight led light Versatility: The monolight led light in the GVM-PRO series is suitable for commercial photography, portrait photography, product shooting and many other scenarios. Its excellent power and control capabilities give photographers the flexibility to adjust the lighting effects to achieve the desired creative goals.

Natural performance of Daylight led light: The daylight led light in the GVM-PRO series simulates natural light, providing accurate color reproduction and natural lighting effects. Whether it is indoor shooting or outdoor photography, it can present a realistic picture.

Full range of applications of Led video light kit: The GVM-PRO series of led video light kit is suitable for movie production, advertising shooting, live broadcasting and other scenes. Its flexibility and versatility enable photographers to quickly build professional-grade lighting systems that deliver high-quality lighting effects.


GVM-PRO series spotlights with its excellent functions and diverse application areas, will become the new darling in the field of photography and film production. Whether it’s monolight led light, daylight led light or led video light kit, the GVM-PRO series offers photographers great control and freedom of creative expression. Looking forward to the official release of GVM-PRO series spotlights, bringing more possibilities for photography creation.

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