How should the photographer prevent glare from the lens

You may have experienced glare when taking photos under a strong light source. Sometimes you may think it’s cool to be able to shoot glare, but in fact, most of the time glare is very bad for the picture.

When bright, non-imaging light from the sun or other sources hits the front lens of the lens, lens flare is likely to occur, often accompanied by fog that significantly reduces the contrast of the image.

While glare can sometimes be used as an artistic effect, most of the time it can be a highly undesirable addition to a photograph and something photographers want to avoid.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can avoid glare while shooting.

1、Use a shade

The easiest way to do this is to use a mask, and most lenses come with one. Since most glare is caused by direct light, a mask can effectively prevent light from reaching the front mirror of the lens.

In addition to avoiding glare, the hood can actually help protect our camera from the slightest bump.

It is best to use the original shades as far as possible, because they are specially designed for this lens, if using a third party shade, may cause vignetting due to incompatibility, especially when using a short focal length.

Generally, round shades are suitable for lenses with a longer focus segment, while petal shades are suitable for lenses with a shorter focus segment.

2、Cover with your hands

It doesn’t matter if there is no shade. The emergency solution is to cover it with hands. We just need to cover the direction of the light in front of the lens to form a C word, and keep adjusting the Angle of the hands until the halo disappears completely. But be careful not to turn your hand too far inward to block what the camera is shooting.

3、Check your filters

While filters are an essential bonus tool for landscape photography, it is true that additional lenses may increase the chance of glare, especially with lower-quality filters, which tend to cause more problems for the image.

If you find that your images are plagued by glare, and the situation doesn’t require a filter, try taking it off.

4、Block out light

In general, the cause of the halo is that a strong light shines directly into the lens, so sometimes we can try to recompose the image so that some of the elements in the image can block the light and avoid flares.

5, adjust the Angle

If you see a halo in the viewfinder, try to adjust your shooting Angle so that the light source hits the lens at a different Angle, looking for an Angle that won’t create glare and avoid direct sunlight coming into your lens.

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