How to choose LED spotlights for photography in 2022

With the popularity of short videos and live broadcasts, how to shoot high-quality pictures has become a problem that many people must face. In addition to the shooting equipment itself, lighting is a very important factor, which requires us to choose an LED spotlight suitable for your use to fill the subject with light

How to choose LED spotlight

We can consider how to choose a spotlight from the following three aspects:

1. Form factor and power

The size of the LED spotlight is selected according to individual needs. For example, if you are an advanced photography enthusiast and mainly use LED spotlights in live/outdoor/studio/photography and YouTube video capture scenarios, you need to choose a large size (high power) LED spotlight.

2. Color – CCT and CRI

Color Temperature (CCT): Choose 3000K+

Color temperature is a number that describes how “yellow” or “blue” the color of a light is. When the color temperature is around 3000K, the light color is yellowish. When the color temperature is above 5000K, the light color is bluish.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): select a high index

The CRI is an index from 0 to 100 that measures how accurately an object appears under light, with the higher the index, the more accurate it is. If the CRI of an LED spotlight is insufficient, the appearance of things will also appear lacking in color and dull.

3. Convenience

Stepless dimming – adjust brightness freely

With the development of modern technology, some LED spotlights on the market have a stepless dimming mode.

Stepless dimming, simply put, there is no longer a preset brightness limit, the user can freely set the brightness, and can choose the appropriate brightness according to the needs of different environments, and can also set a very low brightness to achieve long continuous use time, better to meet the user’s brightness needs.

APP intelligent control system

Still worrying about climbing up and down the LED spotlight? You can choose an LED spotlight that can be controlled and adjusted by Bluetooth connection on the mobile APP to save you such unnecessary troubles.

Power supply mode

Under normal circumstances, purchasing an LED spotlight comes with a suitable power charger. If you have the need for outdoor shooting, you can choose an LED spotlight that can be used for both plug-in and battery installation, which can satisfy your indoor shooting and outdoor shooting at the same time. usage requirements.

Cost-effective photography fill light recommendation

natural sunlight performance
CRI rating 97+ for natural and true colors
The 5600K color temperature performance matches the sun and blends seamlessly.
Because white light makes objects look more natural
It has a high color rendering index
Provide you with natural and vivid shooting results.

In addition to the advantages of high brightness and light weight, the P80 can also be connected to an external battery. As long as the Battery Plate Adapter is connected, it can be powered by a V-Mount battery or F750 battery. It is convenient for photographers to fill light for outdoor shooting. Suitable for shooting YouTube and Tik Tok videos. It is also a must-have equipment for indoor and outdoor live broadcasts.


Color temperature: 5600K
Lux: 41600LUX /0.5m, 8000Lux /1m
Power supply: DC30V/3A
Size: 215*128*168mm
Weight: 0.9 KG

Reason to buy

+ Compact and lightweight
+ Buy one get one free
+ 80W high power lighting

Technical specifications

This LED spotlight has a power of up to 200W.
It also comes with standard lampshades.
Excessive light can be avoided after installation.
More concentrated light, custom control fill light
Let you easily and easily shoot the effect you want


color temperature: 3200K~5600K
Lux: 25000LUX /1m
Power supply: DC32V/7A
Size: 228*133*349mm
Weight: 3.15 KG

Buy reason

+ Power up to 200W
+ Custom light supplement
+ CRI 97+ COB lamp bead

Technical specifications

High power 300W LED camera light  

Brightness up to 43700lux/0.5m, 11640lux/1m  

Add standard lampshade: 91500lux/0.5m, 56600lux/1m  

Ultra high color rendering index 97+  

Provide natural objects  

And vivid shooting effects for you  


color temperature: 2700K~7500K
Lux: 56600LUX /1m
Power supply: DC32V/9.5A
Size: 228*133*349mm
Weight: 3.15 KG

Buy reason

+ Power up to 300W
+ Custom light supplement
+ CRI 97+ COB lamp bead


Choosing a good LED spotlight brings a number of benefits.  You can enjoy the visual experience of LED spotlights and save on lighting costs by eliminating tedious post-editing.  It sounds too good to be true, but I can assure you that it is.  

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