How to communicate effectively with a model when shooting a portrait shoot

Everyone want to clap a good-looking man, but take a good portrait is the premise of how to create and model of the relationship between you and your dialogue will become very important, good communication, everybody up filming the ice will naturally with ease, and if have been embarrassed to chat, there has been a crow flying overhead, Then this awkward situation will inevitably let us not know what to do and not the best performance.

Usually, we try to liven things up a bit by complimenting our models and saying things like, “You’re beautiful” or “smile.” These things are a total conversation breaker and make things even more awkward. What’s not to say, in his opinion? What can replace these words to help you communicate effectively with your models?

1、”You’re beautiful”

To be honest, everyone likes other people kua his long good-looking, but everyone more or less have some self-knowledge, for those who already very good-looking, so it is listened too much also don’t pay too much attention, and for those who long actually not how good-looking people, this kind of words can be counterproductive, In particular, some people who have a heavy inferiority complex will think you are being sarcastic.

Or not caring, or instinctively waking up, is not a good start.

Especially when complimenting a certain part of the body, such as nose, eyes, hands and so on, everyone has a different understanding of beauty, maybe you like it very much, really think it is beautiful, but the other person will see it as a shortcoming, blind praise will only make people more difficult to accept.

Don’t be too quick to compliment someone on their appearance. Although you may really think they look good, excessive compliments often have the opposite effect. Instead, praise them for doing a good job on camera, exactly what you want to get. Praise is more effective than anything you can capture.


Not everyone you photograph will be a professional model, and not everyone will be able to maintain the same authentic and natural smile when facing the camera. On the contrary, many people will feel nervous when facing the professional scene.

Asking them to smile at this point may backfire and result in a deliberate gesture, a stiff fake smile, rather than a genuine, natural smile.

Make model laugh is a very important thing, but as a photographer you should to do is to guide model smile instead of guidance, through dialogue, through some body language, to give him a relaxed and natural environment, let him freely in a comfortable environment natural smile, at that time, you need to do is to use the hands of the camera to capture the true.

3、”Just be yourself”

Not everyone is a professional model, and not all the photographers are very professional. Inexperienced people often don’t have their own ideas when facing models, and don’t know what kind of picture they want to shoot, so they pretend to be magnanimous and say that it is good to let the models show their natural performance.

But this is one of the most difficult things for models, not to say OK, said to do themselves often forget how to be the real themselves. Deliberately show that it is not true, do not show that they will not be satisfied, so trapped in a vicious circle.

After all, there is a problem with this instruction. What does “be yourself” mean? If you don’t “be yourself”, you can be someone else? But there is no specific reference for how to be yourself. In FACT, THE PERSON WHO SHOOTS SHOULD MAKE FULL COMMUNICATION WITH THE MODEL BEFORE SHOOTING, SEE THE MODEL WANTS TO SHOOT WHAT KIND OF EFFECT, AND YOU WANT TO SHOOT WHAT KIND OF STYLE, THE COMBINATION OF BOTH CAN SHOOT THE BEST EFFECT.

4、”Do you have any friends?”

If you don’t know each other very well or if you’re just meeting for the first time, if you just want to get a good picture, this is the best question not to ask. Either way, it’s part of being private, and if you do get to know each other, that sort of thing will come out later on, and asking about it can lead to resentment that you’re up to no good, and it can make things awkward.

If you really just want to chat and increase interaction, you might as well ask questions about your hobbies and interests, such as favorite movies or books you like to read. Finding common ground in these interests will make it easier to bring you closer.

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