How to learn color and composition in movies?

Photography and film, as visual arts, have many similarities. If you are too lazy to read and want to learn photography well, it is a good way to watch more movies.

Today, I would like to recommend some classic films in photography. They have profound skills or unique style. You can find some inspiration from each frame of them.

01 / composition

Good composition makes the picture have a story. The composition in the film is very similar to that in photography.

┃ organization chart of the strict and honest school.

Budapest grand hotel is a film that is loved and admired by people in terms of color and composition. In addition to the color like candy, the rigorous director Wes Anderson uses a large number of lenses with symmetrical composition.

You can say this is a style, a taste, or you can simply understand it as a perfectionist’s obsession.

┃ Dadan sect structure chart

Compared with the paranoid Wes Anderson, the composition in Chongqing forest by Chinese director Wong Kar Wai can be said to be very bold. The photographer of this film uses the oblique composition which is difficult to control by ordinary people.  

Tilt the camera to shoot, rather than parallel to the ground, from overturning the conventional composition. This kind of lens has a sense of instability and instability, which makes it extremely dynamic.

The main character is not at the 3 / 2 golden section of the picture, but is left or right. For example, in the scene of the male protagonist making a phone call, he was placed in the corner on the left. There was no space in front of him and he was full of suffocation, which reflected the depression of the young man who was losing his love.

The close-up lens in the crack has a feeling of proximity and alienation. Students who want to take such photos can choose life scenes such as corridors and hallways.

In addition, there are some interesting film compositions, such as the following:

In the opening picture of the film punch drunk love, the audience knew that the main character was isolated as soon as they saw this picture – the long-distance large scene lens emphasized his isolation, the tone of the scene and the wall without decoration also enhanced the loneliness of the character. The bright horizontal and vertical perspective lines converged on the character, and he was curled up and “nailed” in place… Even if there was no line, We can also learn a lot about people.

02 / color

In addition to composition, film pictures are also presented through color. Good color is very important to the film. Color is the most emotional visual language. The so-called color matching, in short, is to put the colors in the right place and make the best arrangement. Appropriate color matching not only has a sense of visual comfort, but also can create different atmosphere, convey different emotions and psychological hints, express different positions and themes, and even determine the visual tone of the film and the trend of the story line. Here are some of the colors used in the film.

┃ red

Red can also inspire feelings of love and passion. The film “her” is a good example. In the bridge of love, the shirts, walls and computer screens of our homestay heroes are all red.


As Spain’s most internationally influential film master, Pedro Almodóvar’s works, apart from the astonishing wonders and past events entangled in his heart, are the most pleasing to the eyes and are the unique color matching of southern Europe. “Pain and Glory” is undoubtedly a portrayal of Almodovar’s lifelong love, the passion of red, the purity of white, the holiness of flesh, the depression of blue… All the colors contain his love for his mother, his lover, his friends, and his love for him. The kindest return to your former self. The sunshine in the memory is so abundant, the mother in the memory always wears a red floral dress, even the poor and simple underground cave looks quiet, becoming the warmest memory harbor for the mother and son.


┃ blue

Blue, one of the “three colors” films by the Polish film master kieselowski, is shrouded in melancholy blue. The blue crystal like blurred glass string lighting not only creates a unique psychological background for the heroine, but also brings visual pleasure and strong artistic appeal to the audience.


┃ Light Green

The film is based on tender green and tells the story of a pair of 12-year-old children who fall in love, secretly get engaged and then elope to an island. The seemingly absurd and childish children’s world is actually in order, like a retro and exquisite adult fairy tale.


The rational use of different colors can often create more vivid characters and backgrounds, and enrich your every lens!

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Shooting inspiration needs to be accumulated at ordinary times, and more good movies. I believe that I will get something if I understand and master it slowly.