Color temperature affects the mood of the work

When shooting a product, the lighting will make the color of the product more vivid and the details more obvious, making the color of the object fuller, and better expressing the characteristics and texture of the object. Choose different lighting methods for different materials, learn to use the art of light, so that the shooting can better reflect the characteristics of the product. When shooting still life, the material and texture of the subject surface are important points to determine the lighting idea, because the texture of different subjects is realized by the difference in the absorption, reflection and transmission of light on the surface.

1.Reflective objects 

When shooting highly reflective objects, use soft light to shoot. Soft light refers to light that does not produce obvious shadows when irradiated on the subject, and the captured image is balanced. It belongs to the light of diffuse reflection, and the direction of the light source is not obvious. For objects with high reflectivity, such as metal, glass, water surface, etc., soft light is usually used for shooting to avoid the effect of reflection on the picture and highlight the characteristics of the subject.

When shooting glass products, the photographer uses the soft light coming in from the window to shoot, highlighting the texture of the subject. At the same time, the composition of the banner enhances the sense of perspective of the picture.

2.Emphasize the three-dimensional effect of still life with hard light

Objects shot with hard light have obvious shadows, and the subject has obvious backlight and light-receiving surfaces. When using this effect to shoot rough objects, the texture of the object can be well expressed, and the three-dimensional sense of the subject can be highlighted at the same time.

Shooting wood products, under the illumination of side light, the picture forms obvious shadows, the contrast between light and dark increases, the three-dimensional sense of the subject is enhanced, and the colors are also presented realistically.

3.Metal texture object

The metal surface is easy to reflect light, and it will reflect the objects in the surrounding environment on the metal surface, so the shooting of metal is generally operated in a dark environment, and the ideal effect can be achieved with full surround or semi surround lighting. Shooting metal objects focuses on highlighting the texture and three-dimensional effect of the metal. Selecting a single background according to the metal color makes it easier to highlight the subject.

4.Light absorbing material

Products made of light-absorbing materials, such as fur, clothes, fabrics, food, fruits, stoneware, rubber, matt plastics, etc., reflect relatively stable light, that is, the inherent color of the object is relatively stable and uniform, and these products are usually their own visual layers relatively abundant. The light position of the lighting should be mainly side light, smooth light, and side smooth light, and the light is relatively small, so that the layers and colors are more abundant.

5.Backlighting shows the transparent texture of glass

The surface of the transparent body is very smooth and light can penetrate, so generally choose backlight, side backlight, etc. The light quality is hard, so that it produces a delicate and translucent artistic effect, reflecting the transparent texture. Backlight shooting is a shooting method in which the subject is placed between the camera and the light, which is a relatively difficult light to master. Whether it is portrait photography or landscape photography, using backlight to show the subject is one of the common shooting methods. In still life photography, using this method is beneficial to express the transparency of glass products and the modeling characteristics of glass.

6.Create three-dimensionality with shadows

Shadows are a photographer’s means of describing the three-dimensionality of an object, which enables the object to appear spatial in a photograph, not just a projection of the object on a flat surface. Likewise, side, top, and bottom lights can cast deep, long shadows on objects, creating a three-dimensional feel.For this reason, still life, commercial product and landscape photographers like to use angled light.

7.Use Contour Light

The rim light is the light irradiated in the direction facing the camera, which is a backlight effect. Contour light can play the role of delineating the outline of the subject. In the case where the tones of the subject and the background overlap, such as when the subject is dark and the background is also dark, the contour light plays the role of separating the subject and the background. In artificial lighting, the contour light is often used in conjunction with the main light and the auxiliary light, so that the tone level of the picture is full of changes and the beauty of the picture form is increased.Contour light can emphasize the depth of space and explain the hierarchical relationship between near and far objects. Artificially distinguish the relationship between the subject, the environment, and the background. Explain and reflect the properties of transparent and translucent objects.

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