How to shoot good black and white photography? Light is also important

Black and white photography  still has a strong appeal even today when color photography has become the absolute mainstream.

Although in the first impression of most beginners, the so-called black and white photography is simply a good color shot into black and white, but black and white photography is not so simple, if you do not carefully plan, observe and analyze the scene before shooting, then the converted black and white photos will not be very good.

Here are some tips for taking black and white photos:

It is best to shoot in well-lit conditions

Although this seems also applies to color, but want to know what color photography even in low light conditions can still through the collocation of color contrast to highlight, and black and white contrast is mainly done through light and shade, although also can be finished with the help of a different color temperature contrast, but relatively is not so simple for beginners, Therefore, the contrast between light and dark is the easiest way to shoot black and white.

Looking for comparison

Black and white images mainly highlight emotions through comparison. If there is no contrast, a black and white image will become relatively smooth without any distinctive features, and there are no more than the following kinds of contrast: content contrast, emotion contrast, and light and dark contrast.

Look for lines, shapes, and textures

While we can’t use color to create a focal point to guide the viewer, for black and white photography, the easiest and most practical way to capture the viewer instantly is to use the guiding lines, shapes, and textures in the scene. In addition to highlighting the content, shapes and textures can also exist as the content itself.

Emphasize shadows and highlights

Shadows and highlights are the basic components of making black and white images. In order to highlight the content of the image transition area, pure white or pure black areas can be set in the image when necessary, which can be used as a foothold to connect the content of the picture, so that viewers can naturally move their eyes to the subject you want to express along with the change of gray level.

Shoot scenes with more different colors

When there are a variety of colors in the scene, the black and white representation of the scene will be full of different gray levels, which will make the picture look more interesting.

Look for tonal range

Black and white images are not just pure black or white, but the focus should be on the gray range between white and black, in this range, there should be the main details to be represented.

Use the HSL panel in the later stages

Those of you who are familiar with Lightroom are sure to be familiar with the HSL panel, which can help us conveniently adjust the tone range of each color in the image in the later process. In fact, it is also useful for black and white. When we need to deal with a large number of grayscales, HSL panel can be used to adjust the gray level of one of the original colors in the picture to achieve our satisfactory effect.

Preparation for the shoot

Many people are used to converting the photos they think are not taken well into black and white, thinking that in this way, the X is much higher, in fact, these are just their own entertainment, bad photos will never be good, will not become good because of the black and white, you think good, only you want to make it feel good. Want to take a picture of fine works of black and white it is best to go through planning, in addition to the above those, if your digital camera can choose black and white pattern, so I support in the form of black and white view the scene in the viewfinder, so that we can easily see the scenes of black and white contrast, also knew what kind of scenario is more likely to clap a beautiful black and white image.

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