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GVM News

This set is standard three-point lighting. When shooting portraits, first use an 800D as the main light. 800D is used as a flat panel light to fill up the light evenly, suitable for lighting people. You can place this main light on the top of the front to hit the butterfly light or place it on the side and top of the front to hit the Rembrandt light.

Another 800D is used as an auxiliary light. This actually depends on what you need. If you think the outline of the main light is too obvious and you want the whole to light up, then you need an auxiliary light. If your main light is Rembrandt light, you can choose to add a one-third brightness auxiliary light on the other side in front. Or, lighting the same brightness on both sides of the front, regardless of primary or secondary, can achieve good results.

The P80S is used as a headlight, also known as a contour light. When the person’s back is higher than the top of the head, a top light is applied to the shoulder position. This light needs high brightness. P80S is used as a spotlight with 13000Lux/0.5m lumens. Add a diffuser to soften the light, or add a standard cover to further increase the brightness. Let the edge of the character’s upper body form a floodlight to separate you from the background.

If it is matched with a background cloth, you can use the P80S to face the background cloth as the background light. The high brightness of the P80S can illuminate the entire background cloth. These three lights are the most commonly used and most flexible combination. There are many lighting methods to create different effects according to your needs.

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This is a standard lighting kit for games, entertainment, live streaming with goods, etc. When preparing for live streaming, first use a Y60D light as the main light. Y60D is a flat panel light with uniform light distribution and comes with a beauty effect. It is soft and non-glaring at the top of the front side. It is very suitable for playing Rembrandt light for the host.

Another Y60D can be used as an auxiliary light, which can be placed on the side of the anchor, which can supplement the shadow of the anchor’s side face, so that there will be an overall skin brightening effect, or light with the same brightness on both sides of the front, regardless of difference Primary and secondary can also achieve good results.

Two GVM-800D lights can be used on the background wall or background cloth. As a professional RGB lamp, 800D not only supports billions of color changes, but also supports cold and warm color temperatures, and there are 8 scene modes, which can be used as background light to adjust the background color at will. Create different atmospheres according to your needs.

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