How to take still life pictures at home?

Indoor still life photography is best done with only one light source. Find a room with only one window and shoot during the day without any lights on.

There are three main types of light in shooting: forward, reverse, and side.

01 Backlight

Backlight can highlight the transparent and crystal clear feeling, suitable for drinks, glass products, transparent jade or crystal products, etc.

Backlighting is used to shoot beverages and drinks the most, and side backlighting is also derived from backlighting, which is a little bit of backlight to the left or right, which not only ensures a transparent three-dimensional sense, but also has less edge blurring than pure backlighting. sense.

Pure backlight focuses on highlighting the outline, so pure backlight is more suitable for low-key shooting.

02 Front side light

The front side light can highlight the sense of three-dimensionality and atmosphere, which is suitable for daily soft and atmospheric photos. The main body is suitable for desserts, flowers, fruits, small items at home, etc.

Generally, the front side light will make the subject brighter and the texture is softer, so it is very suitable for daily shooting, especially for the creation of bright-toned photos. If the subject to be shot is relatively fresh and the color is softer, you can try to shoot with the front side light.

03 Rear side light

The rear side light can highlight the three-dimensional effect and also emphasize the texture. The rear side light will cause the object to produce a shadow on the front side, thereby creating a three-dimensional effect. It is suitable for subjects with darker color or stronger texture, such as dark fruits, fruits with high saturation, desserts with strong texture, etc.

04 after glazing

The rear glazing is actually an extension of the backlight, but the light level is higher than the parallel light of the backlight, so that the object has a strong texture and a bright surface. It is suitable for foods that are heavier in color or a little oilier, especially Chinese food, such as braised pork, crayfish, various noodle soups, etc.

Of course, there is no absolute rule on which light to use for shooting. It can be decided according to the feeling you want to present and stand out.

The only thing that is not recommended is shooting against the light, which will make the photo look rigid and flat. Because there is no boundary between light and dark (the shadow is directly behind the object), the smooth light will not appear three-dimensional and layered, and because the distance is short, the object is easily blocked by the photographer, so it is not commonly used in still life photography.

For different still life shots:

01 Jewelry

When shooting jewelry items, you can use a large aperture to blur the background, showing small light spots, adding beauty to the picture.

02 Glass

Using clear water to reflect oil paintings

When the transparent glass is poured with water, its reflective surface becomes a three-dimensional cylinder. Therefore, the image of the surrounding scenery reflected on the water glass will be more abstract. Borrowing this feature, you can use the water cup to take pictures with the texture of oil painting.

Pour water can make the picture more vivid

When taking pictures of pouring water into a cup, you can add movement to the picture through the flow of water and the bubbles generated in the cup. If you can pour some water out of the cup, the picture will be better. However, when shooting, it should be noted that the main body of the picture is still the water glass, so make sure that the water glass is clear.

03 Bouquet

In order to maximize the beauty of the bouquet, the choice of the background is very important.

If the background is complicated, the props to set off must be simple; if the props are placed in a little confusion, the selected background must be clean and elegant.

A well-worn wooden floor is a great choice to make the bouquet look retro and elegant.

A pure white background can make the bouquet look more delicate, and a white board can do it.

Flat shooting is a must-learn skill for all photographers, because it is super useful when shooting objects! The bouquet and the camera are shot on the same level, which can fully reflect the minimalist feeling.

When it comes to posing, the key is props and lighting. In the use of photography light, natural light is the best, but good natural light is often hard to come by, so be sure to grab it! Another point is very important, the sun light at 3 o’clock in the afternoon is the best and most suitable for shooting, be sure to grasp it.

Regarding props, it is not difficult to find that new Internet celebrity items and props will appear every once in a while, and it is absolutely impossible to follow the trend. In addition to popular elements, you can also choose props according to the color, season, and atmosphere of the scene.

The most important thing in still life photography is the use of light, the other is the placement and composition. When everyone is fine, you can try it yourself at home.

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