How to use a good Video wand light to light a shoot

Before we learn how to use a Video wand light, we need to understand what a Video Wand light is. As the name implies, wand light is a rod-shaped lamp. Normally, it is composed of two parts: the lamp group and the control module. The lamp group occupies a large part of the wand light, which is composed of different amounts of LED beads.

For example, the hand-held stick lamp of GVM, GVM-BD45R , is composed of 660 high-light beads. In actual luminosity, RGB beads and warm and cold light beads emit light at the same time, which is GVM’s GGB.W four-color mixed light technology. Namely red, green, blue and white four color mixing excellent mixing precision, high color rendering film lighting. With GVM’s BD45R Handheld wand light, it was equivalent to the LED Light wand with 660 non-miscible beads due to the simultaneous glow.

GVM specializes in the application of technology. Compared with the cold and warm light and RGB color light alone, the light intensity is stronger, the brightness is higher, and the color temperature adjustable range is wider. The color temperature adjustment between 2700K-10000K is suitable for both cold and warm, and the color light state is more balanced in color distribution.

The GVM-BD45R Bi-Color Wand light shell is also very interesting. In addition to the purpose of increasing the diffuse reflection of the light to achieve the soft light effect, the exterior of the lamp shell is also made of aluminum alloy material, which has the cooling and cooling effect. At the same time, the soft light can be used to shoot still life or portrait. Can get light and dark transition delicate natural effect, the picture will be more delicate texture.

The control module of GVM-BD45R is also very simple, concentrated in the short handheld part, five function keys can control all modes of lighting, novice quickly mastered, detachable battery is also installed in the handle part, handheld shooting without power cord, but in the indoor fixed lighting, can also use DC power cord for power supply. The BD45R can also be mounted on a tripod or lamp holder with a 1/4 screw hole under the handle.

The lighting effect is amazing, compared to the COB lamp top color film hit out of the color, the GVM-BD45R RGB Wand light full color light mixed effect, higher color purity, space rendering ability is stronger, where the light hit has a charming coloring effect, which is the ordinary RGB or color film can not reach the powerful effect.

In portrait photography, for cool portraits or portraits with strong character colors, the addition of colored light will make the personality of the subject more prominent, richer colors on the picture and more visual impact. For those who like to play with creativity, RGB Wand light is also very interesting to use for light painting.

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