Keep these three tips in mind when photographing wildlife

There are many forms of photography, some people like portrait photography, some people like street photography, some people like landscape photography, and still others like wildlife photography.

Perhaps most of our children living in cities have little chance to go to nature to shoot wild animals, but friends who are interested in shooting wild animals, the first is the choice of lens, we naturally can’t shoot wild animals in front of their eyes. That will not only disturb their ability to shoot the real scene and even their own safety will be dangerous, so it is recommended that everyone use at least 400mm above the focal length of the lens.

If 400mm is not enough, there are extender lenses to go with it. Many high-end lenses even have extender lenses built into the lens for wildlife themed shots.

Next, the choice of shutter, first of all, because we need to capture the instantaneous movement of wild animals, so we need a high shutter, and secondly, because we use a telephoto lens, we must use a high shutter speed to ensure a safe shutter so that there will be no inevitable shaking during the shooting process.

Formula of safe shutter: Shutter speed = 1 / (2 x focal length), familiar with security shutter can suddenly see the classmate, the faster than our regular security shutter, a likely they are to be on the safe side, after all, it’s the fleeting filming wild animals need to capture the moment, so we need a faster shutter speed to ensure that won’t stop because of shaking.

For example, if you’re using a 400mm lens, use a shutter of at least 1/800s.

When shooting birds such high speed movement of animals, we have to use fast shutter speed to capture their actions, but it has a problem, the shutter speed is too high will cause decreases of into the light in the aperture can’t up – in fact the aperture also shoulds not be open too big, had long limits the depth of field, A wider aperture can easily narrow the focal plane and cause parts of the subject to fall out of focus – this is where a higher sensitivity is needed to ensure exposure.


In fact, most of the high sense of the current camera performance has been excellent enough, in 3200 or even 6400 or even higher sensitivity can have a good performance enough to meet our shooting needs, so do not be too harsh low sense, appropriate increase the sensitivity to ensure that the film.

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