Learn to use the properties of light to make your photos unique

Whether it is using natural light or lighting by yourself, you need to have a full understanding of light in order to play the characteristics and benefits of light. I would like to share my experience on the characteristics of light below, and I hope that everyone can be more able to master the use and control of light when shooting portraits.

Taking portrait photos, the first basic understanding of light must be to understand its directionality. Directionality can be broadly divided into front light, side light and backlight. And for density, you can think of it as a hard light or a soft light.

1、Front light

The photos taken in positive light will be relatively flat, because the light is illuminated on all objects as a whole, which is a very flat and straightforward interpretation method, especially in the case of soft light, the objects in front of you can be very different. Presented faithfully.

One problem with hard light shooting in positive light is that the models are often unable to open their eyes because the light is so strong.

2、Side light

When shooting portraits in side light, the light can clearly describe the outline of the person, as if the light and shadow of the nose and eyes. The three-dimensional image of the subject is very clear.


When shooting against the light, there is often a light effect, and the more light enters the lens, the more obvious the effect. Compared with other directivity, the colors taken when shooting against the light will have relatively low contrast, and the colors will not be so bright.

But the biggest feature of backlit photography is that you can fully see the texture of the light, which is a very warm and lively feeling. You will often see Japanese photographers who like to shoot in this direction because they want to express this sense of air, and to interpret that living feeling through sufficient light.

There is also a consideration of light difference in backlight shooting. If the light difference is relatively balanced, the color of the subject will become more vivid. On the contrary, when the light difference is large, the situation of the light will cover the whole photo, and the effect will not be so ideal.

4、Pay attention to the color of the light around you

One of the most important things to learn to understand light  is to pay attention to the color temperature of the light around you. When shooting with natural light, pay close attention to the color temperature of the ambient light around you and what kind of atmosphere it can bring out.

If the weather is cloudy at that time, the sky is not yellow but blue at dusk. Blue is a cool color, giving people a poignant and poignant feeling.

In fact, if you can deeply understand the characteristics of light, you can add many different elements to the photos you take to enrich your works, which can make the subject more prominent and take unforgettable photos. I hope that everyone can try their best to pay attention to the light around them when taking pictures next time, and then decide how to take a portrait photo that you want.

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