Mix The Real With The Fake: The Fast And The Furious At Home Filming

After missing a few shots of a ‘real’ Lamborghini, car photographer library Kunal Kelkar decided to try his hand at home with a set of car shots. He replaced the road with a treadmill, used a toy model of Lamborghini, and the result was even more jaw-dropping.

Wondering how Kelkar pulled off this blockbuster set?


After an at-home workout, Kelkar suddenly realized that treadmill belts looked similar to the road, and he came up with the idea, “It’s a familiar experience for every automotive photographer, shooting from another car. Dynamic pictures of the vehicle.”

The shooting process itself is very simple. He used an exquisite 1:18 scale model of a Lamborghini Huracan, which was fastened to a treadmill with ropes, and ran the treadmill to create a dynamic effect that simulates a tracking shot. To make the effect even more shocking, he sprayed it on the car. A fine mist of water. 

In terms of equipment, he used a Fuji X-T3 with a Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8, mounted upside down on a tripod, and used two flashes and an LED light bar for lighting and fill light, while acting as a “playing field” ‘ next to the “Live” light.


The racing renditions by several other video bloggers were equally wonderful.

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