Photographer beware, these 5 mistakes should never happen

To take a good picture, the whole process depends on the skilled use of equipment, the full grasp of the environment setting, and the capture of the moment, only if we have a good grasp of this series of processes, we can in the fastest time, with the most appropriate Settings to capture the picture we want.

However, as we become more and more experienced in taking pictures, some steps are often omitted, but omitted does not mean unnecessary, some of them become our muscle reaction ready at any time, and some of them are considered unnecessary. Today, we will talk about the mistakes that even experienced photographers may make in taking pictures.

1, no automatic ISO

Modern digital photography is different from film photography, the biggest difference in operation is that you can choose a higher ISO to assist the use of other Settings, and modern digital photography has done quite well, not to discuss what 800 million high in the actual shooting but use less than a few times the ultimate ISO, just from the daily shooting, Many cameras have very high picture control at ISO1600 or even 3200.

The digital cameras I often use are the GR and A7R2. When using the GR, I almost only use the TAv gear, manually select the aperture and shutter, and let the camera system help me choose the appropriate ISO to complete the exposure, so that I can control the shutter and the amount of light input, and also achieve a good exposure. With the A7, I used a manual lens most of the time, so the aperture ring is fixed, the shutter is selected, and the shutter is manually selected, which is basically the same as the TAv.

Automatic ISO allowed me to manually control what would affect the shot without having to worry about adjusting the exposure, and shoot in almost automatic mode after a single setting.

2、Not organizing photos after taking them

Almost every photographer has this experience. After shooting the day before, he or she goes home tired and feels tired. He or she just wants to have a good rest, but forgets to put the content of today’s shooting into the hard disk.

If you have to shoot the next day, and you don’t have a replacement memory card nearby, you’ll be in a dilemma. You can’t delete the previous day’s photos and you won’t have a place to save the new ones. You should know that now the photos are very big, a JPG+RAW, dozens of M space is gone, a card can not take much.

If you don’t have an extra replacement card, it’s best to reorganize your photos after each shoot.

In addition, don’t delete photos in the card, I generally transfer all the photos to the hard disk and then delete failed or repeated photos, delete in the hard disk, deleted photos are into the recycle bin and there is room to go back, if deleted in the card can not go back to the head, don’t say that can restore software, you know how troublesome it is.

3、The battery is not charged

The same thing as above is a very easy thing to do but you didn’t do it because you were lazy, or maybe because you thought your battery would be good enough for this one shot.

Don’t look at the official number of photos taken by a battery, they are all tested under standard conditions. Our shooting activities may deal with various situations. I once took 1,000 photos of a battery, and often I took more than 100 photos of a battery before the battery ran out of power. Different Settings and different shooting situations use different amounts of power, so you should make sure your battery is fully charged before shooting, or make sure you have a spare battery.

4、Choose too much or the wrong equipment

It seems that everyone has such a moment that he or she has a lot of cameras or lenses and wants to take them out every time he or she takes a picture. However, it is really meaningless except that it will weigh your shoulders or make you look a little more impressive in front of others. Every shooting should have a theme. Not every shot is going to be right for your subject.

Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the most appropriate equipment according to the shooting subject. The portability of the equipment allows us to give full play to our creativity to a greater extent. When others change the lens, you will have taken a lot of good photos that others cannot take.

5、Shoot, not look

When the scenery of a place becomes a landmark, it will often attract countless people to take photos, but most of the people take the same content, which is based on the previous repetition.

If you want to take your own good photos, you cannot repeat them. You must remove the camera from your eyes, rediscover the world with your eyes, find a better Angle, and beat those boring pictures with creativity and creativity.

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