Portrait photography after good, 5 recruitment portrait photography Ps revision guide

Portrait photography  this kind of thing, although it is fundamentally to follow the three elements of portrait, but later is actually very important.  The late stage mentioned here is not endless deception on the mobile APP to get the kind of boring beauty that even the mother does not know. Instead, it simply adjusts the tone for the image to make the overall picture better. 

1、White balance

White balance is a very simple tone adjustment tool. We can easily adjust the color temperature of the image by using white balance to achieve the purpose of adjusting the overall tone of the image. The following is the original picture taken by the photographer.

After adjusting the white balance, you can see that the color temperature increases and the whole image is much warmer.

The contrast is obvious when you put the two images together before and after the adjustment.

2.Repair the brush

Think a long time ago, I began to contact with Photoshop to learn most is exfoliating, at that time the exfoliating than more complex now, exfoliating doesn’t equal to beauty, mobile phone app is the final result to many false how false, beauty over the whole face is just like a yeast cake, and it can only see on screen, You can’t see it when you zoom in. Using Photoshop for post-adjustment can keep the basic texture of the facial skin and make the portrait look more natural, which is suitable for the needs of enlarging and printing.It’s not just the little pimples and freckles on your face, but also the messy hair.

You can see the difference by comparing before and after the adjustment.

3、Use “Dodge” and “Burn” tools

Use the fade and burn tools to make the image more layered. Making specific adjustments where you feel you need to reduce or increase exposure, choosing the range and exposure you need to adjust, can instantly improve the overall level of your photo.

4、Color Balance

The Color Balance tool looks amazing and instantly changes the overall tone of the image.

5、Gradient tool

Gradient tool looks more xuan, because it is not to adjust as close to true color image, but to allow the feeling of the whole frame with the expectations of the creator of press close to, each person’s idea is different, and each photo need to adjust the content is different, can understand it, and then according to the actual needs in the later process.

GVM is the most suitable LED Studio Light for portrait photography

Industrial grade panel lamp

The new GVM SD series LED panel is a powerful light source with high color rendering index CRI 97+ & TLCI 97+, which can achieve accurate color rendering on the camera and restore the most realistic object color.

To achieve professional results, but also to provide you with natural and vivid shooting effects.

High quality lamp bead

GVM-SD200R has a wider range of color temperature than conventional spotlights

3200K~5600K dual color temperature stepless control,

CRI 97+ restores the true colors of beauty and has more realistic color reproduction

Make the captured picture more vivid, the color of the characters is more realistic, and the texture of light and shadow is better

Cool and warm two-color mode, let your works have more color imagination, and make creative videos easily


Product Model: GVM-SD200R; Led Beads Quantity: COB*2

Power:Double side 200W ; Color Rendering Index: ≥97+

Color Temperature: 2700K-7500K

Lumen: 4540lux/1m

Add Standard Lampshade: 23400lux/1m

Brightness: 0.1%-100%; Voltage: AC 100-240V

Long Service Life

It adopts aviation aluminum alloy shell design, which can effectively help COB lights to dissipate heat better, effectively improve heat dissipation in complex shooting environments overheating, for better protect the COB lamp bead, extend the long life of the light.

Upgrade Configuration

Upgraded 6m longer rubber power cable, and the clear LCD digital display screen.Equipped with

an updated shelf for the adapter, where to place under the video light,avoiding damage to the

power cord caused by the adapter being too heavy. Built-in ultra-quiet fan cooling system

effectively improves the heat dissipation problem in complex shooting environments


Color rendering index : ≥97

Color Temperature :3200K~5600K

Brightness : Bare light:11500lux/0.5m; 3500lux/1m Plus standard cover:32000lux/0.5m; 7300lux/1m

Light Adjustment Method : Stepless adjustment

Weight : 1.7KG

Product Size(mm) : 266x225x124

Cooling : Heat sink+fan

Power : 90W