The GVM PRO-SD650B spotlight is specially designed for professional shooting scenes
offering a range of features to enhance your lighting setup. With its high-quality COB lamp beads
it achieves a remarkable CRI of 97+ and TLCI of 97+, ensuring accurate and consistent color rendering for your shots
Additionally, the spotlight provides four dimming rate curves commonly used in the film industry.
These curves allow you to easily adjust the light intensity to create the desired atmosphere for your scenes
Whether you're working on micro-movies, short videos, or any other type of shoot, this spotlight will provide excellent fill light.
One standout feature of the GVM PRO-SD650B is its support for mesh Bluetooth networking.
This functionality enables you to control multiple lights simultaneously
streamlining your workflow and ensuring synchronized lighting across your setup.
The GVM PRO-SD650B spotlight is a versatile and professional-grade lighting solution that caters to the needs of filmmakers and videographer
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Step-less adjustable
Stepless dimming
Each side
Power of 650w
Scene lights
Silent fan
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
compatible products
Bowens Mount

Intelligent Cooling And Silent Fans

The GVM PRO-SD500B spotlight not only excels in its lighting capabilities but also offers intelligent cooling and silent fan features.
This ensures optimal performance and a comfortable shooting environment.
The spotlight incorporates intelligent cooling technology, which actively monitors and adjusts the internal temperature to prevent overheating.
This helps to maintain consistent performance and prolong the lifespan of the lamp.
The spotlight is equipped with specially designed silent fans that effectively dissipate heat without creating excessive noise.
This is a valuable feature, as it allows you to capture audio without any unwanted background noise interference from the cooling system
With the combination of intelligent cooling and silent fans, the GVM PRO-SD500B spotlight provides both reliable lighting performance and a quiet shooting experience.

4x Brightness Upgrade

The GVM PRO-SD650B spotlight is equipped with optical lenses that are positioned in front of each COB (Chip-on-Board) lamp bead.
This feature enhances the performance and versatility of the lamp in several ways.
offers enhanced control, improved light efficiency, and a more visually pleasing lighting experience.
0-100% stepless brightness adjustment, fine adjustment makes the lighting more professional

APP Control

The GVM PRO-SD650B spotlight features convenient APP control functionality,
allowing you to remotely control and adjust various settings of the spotlight using a compatible smartphone or tablet.
With the APP control functionality of the GVM PRO-SD650B spotlight, you have the power to fine-tune your lighting setup with ease and flexibility.

Bluetooth Mesh Networking

Bluetooth Mesh Networking is a wireless communication technology that enables devices to form
a network and communicate with each other over Bluetooth connections.
Unlike traditional point-to-point Bluetooth connections, where devices communicate directly with
each other, Bluetooth Mesh Networking allows for point-to-many communication.

DMX Control

DMX (Digital Multiplex) Control is a widely used protocol in the lighting industry for controlling lighting fixtures such as stage lights,
architectural lights, and intelligent lighting systems. It allows for precise and synchronized control of various parameters,
such as intensity, color, movement, and effects.

12 dynamic light effects

This mode provides 12 light effects: Lightning, CCT Cycle, Candle, Bad Bulb,
TV, Paparazzi, Explosion, Breathing Light, Strobe, Flame, Fireworks, Welding.

12 light source match

This mode provides 12 different styles of light source types to choose from,
which can save a lot of adjustment time when you need a specific light source
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