GVM-ST300R 300W Led Video Light RGB+Bi-Color Double Sided Daylight Balanced COB Light


Product Overview


300W LED Studio light film grade double head spotlight
The new double headed movie is a professional upgrade of the str-300vm
It is a newly upgraded RGB movie video lamp in 2022
Update the LCD screen currently displaying light parameters
Update more comprehensive control mode, channel value, scene number and simulation scene mode
One end has a high-quality two-color temperature cob lamp bead with a color temperature of 2700-7500k
The other end is RGB light beads, with 0-36000 colors adjustable
Both ends have a power of 300W
Equivalent to the price of 1 lamp, I bought 2 lamps
It also has lighting scene special effects, and two heads emit light at the same time, which can meet various shooting needs
High display CRI 97+
It can effectively help restore and enrich the color of the subject
Provide you with natural and vivid shooting effects
It can also provide excellent lighting effect for films, film and television dramas, film and television advertisements, etc.

Industrial film and television full color panel lamp

The new GVM ST series LED panel is a powerful light source. It adopts full RGB + WY five-color light source. More colors can output a wider color gamut, so as to provide tens of millions of rich and bright colors.

High color rendering index CRI 97 + & TLCI 97+This can achieve accurate color rendering on the camera and restore the most realistic object color.In order to obtain professional effects, but also provide you with natural and vivid shooting effects.It can ensure that the color layout in the matrix system and rgbwy in the beam area are mixed evenly without color separation

Thousand step dimming accuracy

The adjustment range of gvm-st300r brightness is 0.1% – 100.0%, and the user can adjust the brightness accurately to 0.1%;Finer.dimming accuracy can provide smoother dimming process and more accurate color; With the new algorithm model of GVM, the light intensity can be adjusted step by step, and the dimming process can be completed quickly and smoothly.

Dimming curve

GVM-ST300R has four dimming curves (linear/logarithmic/exponential/S curves) to be selected to meet the technical requirements of studio devices, such as TV news and entertainment production sets. High standard and professional light control technology is also the best choice for variety shooting and movie making

Constant power 300W

The conventional Bi-color temperature RGB board lamp adjusts the color temperature and color light through a variety of different lamp beads, which leads to different power of different colors at different color temperatures. Often the middle color temperature power is high, and the power is low at low color temperature and high color temperature. The brightness of lights with different color temperatures and different colors is different.

St300r’s new algorithm will automatically calculate the appropriate power while adjusting the color temperature and color of a variety of lamp beads, so that the power of different color temperatures and different colors are consistent. While adjusting the color temperature and RGB, the brightness remains unchanged. Under the condition of maximum brightness, the constant power of 300W can be kept unchanged


CCT mode

White light color temperature adjustment mode, adjustable light intensity and color temperature. CCT (Related Color Temperature) mode allows accurate color temperature adjustment from a comfortable warm color of 2700K to a dark sky blue of 7500K to match any lighting conditions, such as warm shades of a terrible sunset, cool shades of bright sunlight in summer, or blue moonlight in a clear, dark sky. The green/magenta correction function in CCT mode allows fine-tuning matching with other HMI, LED or fluorescent lamps or accurate color balancing for different camera sensors.

HSI mode

 HSI color mode allows collaboration by intuitively selecting a specific color and fine-tuning the brightness and intensity of the color. Adjustable hue, saturation, light intensity, (HSI = hue, saturation, light intensity), to achieve 36 million color adjustable.


RGB mode

RGB color mode, adjustable red light, green light, blue light, 1.6 X 1010 color adjustable

GEL Color Paper Mode

Two types of color paper, ROSCO and LEE, are available. There are 30 numbered color paper libraries for each color paper type, each of which is the standard for movies and television. You can quickly choose a professional light color.


Light Matching Mode

This mode offers 12 different light source types and saves a lot of adjustment time when you need a particular light source

White light effect mode&Color effect mode

This mode provides eight white light effects: lightning, CCT cycle, candle, bad light bulb, TV, paparazzi, explosion, breathing light
This mode provides 4 types of color effect: Di bar, party, police car, color cycle


Strong structure and practical design

The panel has a solid, all-aluminum structure that can withstand heavy daily use. The sturdy housing is functionally designed with built-in rear handles and bottom legs for easy operation, installation and storage of the panel.