KKX-BM66 USB Condenser Microphone for Podcasting & Broadcasting


Product Overview


Podcasters and voice-over artists will enjoy the KKX USB Condenser Microphone a mic that can deliver a record-ready sound in minutes, even if you don’t know much about room treatment or mic technique. The mic has a focused sound that minimizes room pickup, and if that’s not enough, built-in noise reduction is on hand to remove noise from your recordings. Use the mic with your Mac or Windows computer.

Easy-to-use controls let you adjust the levels or mute with the press of a button. A boom arm is included to get the mic mounted right away. A tripod desktop stand, a USB cable, and a windscreen are also supplied.

Fits Your Spoken-Word Setup
Geared towards podcasters, broadcasters, or voice-over, the mic works with Mac and Windows computers right out of the box. The mic is great for anyone making spoken-word recordings.
Supercardioid Polar Pattern for the Untreated Room
The microphone makes use of a highly directional cardioid polar pattern to minimize off-axis sound. This polar pattern naturally yet effectively tamps down room tone and focuses the audio capture on what’s directly in front of the mic.
Built-In DSP Noise Reduction
For the times when the polar pattern is not enough, KKX built DSP noise-reduction right into the mic. Press the button, and the mic will take care of reducing extraneous noise in your surroundings.
Built-In Headphone Monitoring
Monitor your levels with headphones plugged directly into the mic’s 3.5mm connection.
Simple Controls
Control the levels and mute the mic easily.
High-Resolution Audio Capture
This USB mic boasts a 192 kHz/24-bit converter, which is considered high-res in the pro-audio world.
Included Hardware
A boom arm mounts right to your desk, giving your setup a professional appearance as well as a no-fuss mounting scheme. The mic also includes a mic clip, a USB cable, a foam windscreen, and a desktop stand.
KKX-BM66 USB Condenser Microphone for Podcasting & Broadcasting
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