GVM 520S-B Bi-Color LED Studio Video Light Kit

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GVM 520S-B Bi-Color LED Studio Video Light Kit

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    GVM-520S is the newest version, and it is updated of GVM-520LS, and we add 2 more functions for this version.

    1. Multi-function control:
    Master/ Slave and 12 channels function: you can set 12 different channels, and each channel can control more than 10 pcs GVM same series of video light. Only need to choose one video light in master mode, and others in Slave mode. Then it means you can control about 120pcs video light. Please note: this wireless remote function only applies to the " GVM series video light. " GVM-520S, GVM-672S" etc.

    2. User-defined 4 group parameter : 
    you can define 4 different group brightness and color temperature. rotate the knob to set the brightness and color temperature you need, and press the collected button (1,2,3,4 ) 2seconds, then will display collected !! You can use these 4 group parameters directly when you want to use next time, and no need to set again. Very convenient for your work.



      1. Better luminous effect:the GVM-520S LED video light with 520 LED beads can emit brighter light than other LED video light with fewer LED beads, high CRI & TLCI 97+ can make the saturation of pictures look fuller and more beautiful, U-shaped bracket can support 360°rotation and the lifespan of GVM-520LS LED video light is 70000 hours.
      2. Built-in LCD display: LCD panel shows brightness from 10% to 100% and color temperature from 3200K to 5600K readings which make the light look more natural, let you operate easily and work more efficiently.
      3. 4 memory buttons: GVM LED video light can collect and memorize four different groups of color temperature and brightness. If you want to use the same color temperature and brightness, you can use it to reduce your time.
      4. One light controls multiple salve lights: you can control the brightness and color temperature of many salves' LED video lights through the master video light at the same time.





      520 lamp bead


      ≥ 97 +





      Color temperature




      Battery output

      DC 14.8V

      Input voltage


      Power source

      Power adapter or sony f550 f750 f960 li-ion battery (note: The battery is not included) 


      12.5 x 13.5 x 3.2

      Package size

      24 x 9.8 x 11 inch 


      4 pound 

      Package weight

      10 pound

      Product Warranty 
      You can replace the product in 1 month for the product function issues. And a 1-year maintenance guarantee. 


      Packing List

      GVM-520S-B Bi-color LED Video Light
      1* LED video light
      1 * Bracket soft filter
      1 * Soft filter
      1 * Four-Way Barndoor
      1 * Power adapter
      1 * Power cable
      1 * LED video light handbag

      Note: single light without light stand

      GVM-520S Bi-color LED 2 Lights Kit Packing List
      2 * LED video light
      2 * Bracket soft filter
      2 * Soft filter

      2 * Four-Way Barndoor
      2 * Power adapter
      2 * Power cable
      2 * Light stand
      1 * LED video light handbag

      GVM-520S Bi-color LED 3 Lights Kit Packing List
      3 * LED video light
      3 * Bracket soft filter
      3 * Soft filter

      3 * Four-Way Barndoor
      3 * Power adapter
      3 * Power cable
      3 * Light stand
      1 * LED video light handbag


      Downloads:GVM-520S Product Manual