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GVM-520LS-R Bi-Color Video Light

  • $142.49


  1. Professional metal case cooling effect is excellent, suitcase designed specifically for video light
  2. High Brightness video lighting, the lumen output is as high as 18500lux@20 inch for bi-color 4400K
  3. Ultra high CRI & TLCI 97+ video lighting have a more real, natural color and high color reproduction
  4. LED Photography lighting with 520pcs durable LED bulbs, variable Tungsten-Daylight from 3200-5600K
  5. Video light comes with 2 NP-F mount battery plates, power supply,soft diffuser and EVA carrying case

GVM-520LS-R Bi-Color Video Light

GVM has perfect after-sales service, one month free replacement service, and one year maintenance service. Believe that if you buy GVM, you won't be disappointed.

The amazing brightness of video light with the perfect restore color of CRI 97+ and TLCI 97+ high display index.To make the video lighting have a more real, natural color and high color reproduction.

Adjust the color temperature and brightness by twisting the knob. Adjust the color temperature range is from 3200k-5600k; Control the brightness between 10% and 100%.

GVM digital display can clearly see the change of color temperature and brightness, which is very helpful for precise dimming

The Video lights has unique flow-type cooling fins design, By increasing the contact area of ​​the back metal plate and air, the cooling effects are maximized across the unit.

U-sharp bracket design, it can rotate 365 degrees freely according to your shooting needs to achieve Multi-angle shooting for photography lighting.

Handbags: GVM specially designed thick EVA handbags, provide the best protection for video lights, has the highest quality handbags in the industry

Remark: Optional to purchase the bracket diffuser or barn door Bracket diffuser has a better soft light effect than a giant diffuser. The barn door is your best helper to control the light

GVM-520LS-R Bi-Color Video Light Specifications

Model: GVM-520LS-R
Bead: 520 lamp bead
LED Bulb Life: 70,000 Hours
CRI: 97 +
TLCI: 97+
Lumen: 18500Lux/20inch
Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
Power: 30W
Voltage: DC15V
Battery output: DC 14.8V
Input voltage: 110-220V
Power Source: Power adapter or Sony f550 f750 Li-ion battery (note: The battery is not included)
size: 10.4 x 9.4 x 3.1 inch
Package size:16 x 16 x 5.5 inch

GVM-520LS-R Bi-Color Video Light Packing List

1x LED video light
1x Bracket soft filter
1x Soft filter
1x Power adapter
1x Power cable
1x LED video light package