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Camera slides are mainly divided into two types: manual slides and motorized camera slides.

The manual slide rail of the camera is mainly adjusted by hydraulic damping to realize the translational movement and complete the shooting between translations.

From the Dolly car in the early 20th century to today’s light and practical slides, the technology of equipment is constantly breaking through. Camera movement is one of the most basic skills to shoot attractive and tense pictures. Proper camera movement can enhance the storyline, enhance the dramatic effect and mood, and the motorized camera slide can help you very well. to finish shooting. A motorized camera slide allows ordinary photographers to easily achieve some cinematic lens movements.

Advantages of electric slides  

1、Most of the motorized camera slide are made of aluminum alloy materials. However, the motorized camera slide can work for a long time. Even if the person is not at the shooting site, the program can be set through the APP to complete the shooting work. This is incomparable with the manualslide. Once the shooting starts, there is no way to leave the scene.

2、The motorized camera slide rail can be controlled by the APP to control its translation speed. Shooting products at a constant speed can present the shooting effect in a better way, while the human-controlled slide rail cannot achieve the same precision as the electric slide rail.

3、The motorized camera slide rail can support a mobile phone to connect multiple slide rail devices to shoot at the same time, compared with manual operation, only one device can be operated.

4、For newcomers, the manual slide rail often has the phenomenon of slide rail shaking, but this situation will not occur when switching to the motorized camera slide rail, and the electric slide rail is more stable.

The manual slide rail can only achieve still time-lapse photography. There is no way to have both static time-lapse photography and displacement time-lapse photography like the electric slide rail, which greatly affects the shooting effect. The function of time-lapse photography is particularly popular among photography enthusiasts, because the motorized camera slide will control the camera to move slowly during the shooting process. It can move left and right to shoot a dynamic delay effect picture. The picture is more attractive and tense.

The motorized camera slide rail can make some simple push and pull shots. Pushing the lens is a composition change from far to near. When the position of the object to be photographed remains unchanged, use the camera to move forward slowly or rapidly. lens. By pushing the lens, the framing range of the screen is changed from large to small, the secondary part of the screen is gradually pushed out of the screen, and the main part or local details are gradually enlarged to fill the screen. Pull the lens, the photography moves from near to far to the back and away from the subject, the framing range from small to large, the subject from large to small, and the distance from the audience gradually increases.

If you are after a more stable video picture, then you must have an excellent motorized camera slide in your usual shooting. In the process of filming, it is necessary to use electric slides to complete the shooting of many special effects shots, such as push-pull shots, time-lapse photography, etc., and some self-media video creators who fight with a single gun need to draw by themselves or in In long time delay photography, it is often necessary to use this prop to complete. Of course, the cost of the camera electric slide is expensive, and the price is two or three times more expensive than the manual one. But if you want to pursue a better sense of photography, the motorized camera slide is an essential choice.

GVM recommends a light and easy-to-use photography light for you:


Two-axis integrated electronically controlled slide rail

Work silently, say goodbye to noise.WS-2D features newly upgraded ultra-quiet stepper motor drive technology for precise positioning and shooting. In the photography work, the outstanding advantage is mute, shooting use, its bearing is more smooth, better stability, no sense of frustration, can let photographers use handy.The slider motor is only 38 decibels when it is running, and the interview recording can be directly radioed without worrying about the noise of the motor.

Stable mirror movement, intelligent anti-shake. 2.1cm thick carbon fiber track + large torque turntable make your shooting more stable and smooth.

The WS-2D incorporates hidden motors, imported bearing rollers, and 4400mAh external high-capacity dual batteries to provide extended operating time of up to 16 hours with continuous moving rails. This belt-driven Dolly Slider is available for horizontal and tripod mounting tilt Settings and supports cameras up to 11 pounds horizontally.

The shooting mode can be set manually or automatically to create special track time-lapse photography. Can set object and camera tracking, camera will follow the object. Make your shooting easier.

Stop motion animation, easy to shoot blockbuster. In addition to basic functions such as time-lapse shooting, follow-focus sweeping, and free round-trip, the stop-motion animation function is added.

Custom super slow shooting, use the custom super slow shooting function to let the camera easily and automatically synthesize time-lapse shooting.

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