Summer flower photography tips that 99% of people don't know about

Many people think that there are many subjects that can be photographed in spring, autumn and winter, but there are few subjects for shooting in summer. In fact, there are the most subjects that can be photographed in summer. For example, all kinds of flowers and plants are the most beautiful in summer, and it is also the best time to shoot. So how to use the lens to retain the vitality and beauty of summer? Here are some flower photography tips for you, so you can easily take beautiful flower photos in this summer!


Tip 1: Win with composition

Every time you raise your camera to take pictures of flowers, you always don’t know where to start? At this time, excellent composition skills can make it easy for you to take good pictures. Common composition methods are center composition method, diagonal composition method, and middle composition method.

Take the best center composition method as an example – just arrange the flowers in the center of the picture, press the shutter directly, and you don’t need too much skill, a beautiful flower photo will be born under your hands!

Tip 2: Win with context

When shooting flowers, try to choose a clean and simple background, which can effectively highlight the subject and make the picture very appealing. If the background is too messy, too much noise will affect the subject, and the whole picture will look messy. The endless blue sky is a good background when shooting flowers.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as you master the shooting method of the combination of “sky + flower”, you will also master the trick of minimalist photography – lift the lens slightly upward, and put the flower into the sky with an upward angle of view. , move other unrelated elements out of the camera, so you can get a set of minimalist and beautiful flower photos!

Tip 3: Interesting interactions with the body

In the process of shooting flowers, adding simple actions to interact with flowers, more interesting and plot, can inject a lot of sense of story into the shots. The picture is full of atmosphere, so reach out my friend!

Tip 4: Add some light and shadow to make it perfect

With good use of light and shadow, even ordinary street flowers and grasses can be photographed with a sense of luxury. Among them, backlight is the most commonly used light. This is because the texture of the branches and petals of flowers can be displayed under the backlight environment, making the whole picture look very translucent. Try it?


Having said all that, in order to get a good flower photo, we have to go to nature first. At this time, you must also need a good friend for shooting – a stable and portable tripod, even if you are shooting flowers outdoors, it can also assist your shooting!





Tripod Parameters: Gimbal

Type: Hydraulic Gimbal Working

Height: 1890-850mm

Weight: 3.8kg

Bearing: 10kg

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Tripod Diameter: 20mm

Compatible with various photographic equipment The gimbal supports 360° rotation , to meet more shooting needs, one second installation, simple operation.

Gvm-DX16 is a kind of aluminum alloy video tripod with hydraulic cradle system, it is a light camera tripod, suitable for video camera, digital SLR camera, mobile phone and so on.

Excellent load bearing:The GVM-DX16 is capable of quickly mounting your camcorder, DSLR or mirrorless camera and equipment weighing up to 17.6 pounds on a stable platform for motion picture panning and tilting over flat or uneven terrain.

Panoramic shooting Angle:The GVM-DX16 head can rotate horizontally at 360°, and the elevation from +90° to -75° can meet more shooting requirements.

Applicable to a variety of scenariosGvm-dx16 can be used for wedding shooting, live events, documentary, micro film, film and TV series, meeting minutes shooting, etc., and a variety of scenes can be easily controlled.

At the same time, it also has a wear-resistant and anti loose button design, and also uses three layers of refined steel thrust bearings and high viscosity special synthetic damping oil to make the operation feel more stable and comfortable. The thick foot tube makes it stand extremely stable. It is a tripod product that photographers can’t miss.