The key to photographing food is that you have to prepare it in advance

There’s a saying that if you’ve done a food shoot, you can do a portrait shoot too.

Although it may be a bit extreme, food photography is just like portrait photography. It also requires the level of appearance, Angle and lighting. Otherwise, the most beautiful food will make people lose their appetite.

Besides, unless it is a fake prop food photography just for the effect, most real food photography needs time, just like the taste period of food, after the best time, it is difficult to take a good picture.

Good food photography is all about planning and thinking about all the details, and it’s also a process of constant problem solving. Before you pick up the camera, study the dish in front of you, think about its composition, and how to get the best results. Also, there are some mistakes not to make.

1、Bad light

As with any form of photography, one of the most important principles of taking a good picture is light. Whether it is natural or artificial, any form of light source can help us take a good picture, but it can also ruin the picture if not used properly.

The point of lighting itself is not just to give the subject enough light to shoot. Even if we only have a little light, we can still get a balanced exposure with enough exposure time, but we need the right light.

For example, when taking photos in a restaurant, there are too many indoor light sources, which may cause unnecessary color bias, especially in the highlight part of the picture, and this problem is difficult to solve even in the later stage. When we are faced with a combination of light sources, if we want to take a good shot rather than a simple random shot, we should try our best to avoid interfering with the picture by interfering with the light. We can use a block or flash system to avoid the interference caused by the ambient light on the food.

2, do not consider the plate

Maybe some people cook very well, but they just don’t look good, like me. It can’t be helped. Some people cook to look good, while others cook to be full and not hungry. But it also goes to show that if you want your food to look good, you need to put at least a little effort into the presentation.

Set the plate. You could make a Michelin for a noodle.

Setting the plate is not only about the placement of the food, but also about the background of the food and the collocation of the small objects on the side. For example, a solid wood table can add a lot to the picture, and some small accessories on the side can highlight the host’s character and grade. It also balances the composition so that the food is not just a monotonous subject.

3、Incorrect perspective

As with people, Angle is also important. You take a picture of a girl’s face from the chin up. Do you see the girl slapping you?

If the food is stacked, like a burger or puff pastry, it’s good to have an eye level view of the food so that every element on the side is seen.

For pizza or Chinese dishes, we can shoot from the top down with a vertical Angle, which can present every element of the dish in the picture, and bring graphic elements to the picture by placing the plate or the shape of the plate.

If you want to highlight the details of the food, shoot at a 45 degree Angle.

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