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Due to cost constraints, medium format is destined to become a niche, and digital cameras, needless to say, are far too expensive for the average consumer to afford. The film format camera itself is a mixed bag, although there are plenty of good and inexpensive cameras to choose from, but the top is dominated by a few manufacturers.


Due to a series of limitations, such as the size and weight of the equipment and the amount of pictures that can be taken per reel, medium format cameras have not become as popular as 135 cameras. It’s not as popular, but if you’re a camera enthusiast, you should try medium format. It can give you a completely different experience with the 135 system.

Due to the larger size of the negative, the picture quality of the 135 system is far from comparable, and the 120 system negative is not as rigid as the 135 system fixed size, the diversity of 120 system size will also bring different feelings.

In the 135 film world, only two kinds of standard size, full of 36 x 24 mm and half of the 18 x 24 mm (bar fine like to said there is a square format or other format, but that is not a standard size, just unique individual camera), and 120 system is different, it can depending on the camera or the back, The 6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 9, and even broader 6 x 17, 6 x 24 formats were produced. The only thing that was certain was that each format was much larger than the traditional 135 format.

The huge size brings not only the choice of aspect ratio, but also amazing clarity. Even the smallest size, 6 x 4.5, is more than three times the size of the 135 full-width. This means that when scaled up to the same size, the inherent particles in any film image are less obvious, and we can make images that look smoother to the naked eye.

Is also due to the bigger picture, makes the equivalent focal length is changed, we say at ordinary times the equivalent focal length is according to the 135 format, for example a taichung picture 6 x format of dual camera, its standard lens is 80 mm, the equivalent of 135 Angle is 45 mm, the actual focal length is full picture format is longer, so it can produce more shallow depth of field.

Although 120 medium FRAME HAS INCOMPARABLE ADVANTAGES OVER 135 FULL FRAME in picture quality, it does not mean that it is without defects, and its biggest disadvantage is caused by the advantages.

Because the format is bigger, so the cost is higher, a roll of ordinary household 135 color negative about 20 dollars, can clap a 36 images, and a roll of household 120 color negative is more than 30 yuan (price factors, of course, before when I first contact with film is also as long as a decade or two block), taken commonly used 6 x format only take 12 pieces, If you shoot a wide 6 x 17 or 6 x 24 format reel, you have to change the reel if you can’t press the shutter three or five times, which increases the cost and reduces the continuity of the shooting, and you have to get into the dilemma of constantly changing the reel.

But the good news is that such limited shutters make us think carefully before we press the shutter. It’s a good thing not to be a shutter killer.

Similarly, shooting the film would be often have this experience, 135, a roll of 36, but we don’t like digital cameras cut kaka at will press the shutter, usually a roll took several times are not finished, forget to finally went to roll this volume took some what, after all inside although is will surprise, However, there is always a feeling of failure in waiting or looking for a chance to finish shooting one reel, while shooting 120 will not feel this way, because one reel is too few, and it will not be long before the film is finished and sent out for flushing.


Then there is the problem of volume, although most of the TLR design is very small, but there are also many though high quality lens is also very good and the price is very affordable medium format cameras because of design was made into a monster, represented by Mamiya Japanese medium format is a typical example, the home medium format double C330, The medium format SLR RB67 is a representative of the brick industry, every time you go out with these cameras is like a physical training. Not to mention the Pentax 67 series cameras, known as tanks.

In fact, not only Japanese, but also German Pentacon Six, which is a model of good quality and low price, is also a big and heavy thing. It is good to exercise. If you take it out for street photography, you have to ask your biceps if they will answer.


There is medium format cameras are relatively much worse than 135 cameras in automaticity, even in the late 135 whole film cameras have been able to realize automatic (af, automatic exposure), has the function of automatic medium format film camera is still not very common, most of the medium format cameras still need our full manual control.

The Pentax 67, for example, can be picked up by anyone who has used a 135-film SLR and knows how to do it. Whether or not you can pick it up is another matter.

Even if all of these drawbacks add up, they don’t matter when compared to the quality advantages of medium-format cameras. Because of this, if you want to experience better shooting effects, you should try medium format, which will bring you a completely different world.

Of course, if you choose a medium format camera like Holga, you should be prepared. After all, toys and professional cameras are not the same concept.

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