What should I pay attention to when photographing food? It's good to tell you

Clocking in for dinner has long become a common behavior, not taking a picture of the meal seems to be wasted, especially when you cook and make a table of delicious food, you are so awesome, how can we also take a few photos to send to the circle of friends to announce to the world how virtuous we are. Here are some practical tips for taking food photos.

# 1 Use natural light by the window

Natural light is wonderful, especially since we don’t have as much professional equipment as we do in the studio, so making good use of natural light is the key to add extra points to your food.

But the use of natural light will appear a small problem, that is, a single direction of the light source will produce inevitable shadow in the backlight side, want to avoid this problem is also very simple, in the backlight place to play a reflector can be, do not need a very professional reflector, a piece of white paper can do reflective.

The following two are one is not reflective, one is reflective, you can see the difference.

2, decoration is very important

According to this kind of food, it does not matter whether it is delicious or not, after all, others can not eat, the most important thing is to look good, put the plate well, a bowl of instant noodles can be placed into the Michelin, of course, it can also attract others crazy praise.

Not only the setting of the food itself, the background of the food, but all the small objects around the food can instantly enhance the image of the food itself.

Note, however, the decoration of the food around also wants moderate, enough is enough, don’t be to pack X and put a lot of thought has pretend bility all things together, set up, and do that it will be a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role upstaged the food itself, will let the picture itself losing the meaning of subject is not clear.

3, Angle

Angle is very important, but there is no saying which Angle must be suitable for food photography, or choose the right Angle according to your food itself, if you are not sure what Angle to use to shoot, try several angles, there is always a suitable for you.

4.The right shot

Although there is no need to use a lens to shoot food, even if the mobile phone can take a very good picture, but the mobile phone can not create depth of field, also can not highlight the details, want to take a good shot or choose a better lens.

Photos like the one below, using a 90mm macro lens, highlight the details of the food.

The one below uses a wide aperture of 50mm F /1.4 with a shallow depth of field to show the food.

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