What should I pay attention to when taking group photos? Must learn knowledge must be collected!

As anyone who likes movies knows, the story of a single line is best to say, while the most difficult thing to shoot is a group play. If you want to show everyone’s characteristics in a play, you need a certain foundation. It’s the same with photography. A portrait of one person is best, but it’s not easy to take a group photo of a lot of people, unless you just want to take a graduation photo where people are in it and nothing else matters.

The most important thing in group photography is the details. From lens to light, from direction to Angle, from expression to action, all the details are concentrated together. It is not easy to vividly show the characteristics of each person in the picture, but also to meet the overall unity of the picture.

The first is the choice of equipment, try to use a wide Angle lens to shoot, but not too wide, too wide will inevitably produce distortion, and after all, we are not to take the kind of large group photos of dozens of hundreds of people, also do not need to be so close to the object, 28mm or so focal segment is enough. Wide-angle lenses don’t compress space, and even if the lighting isn’t ideal and a wide aperture is necessary, the depth of field is too shallow to ignore a person in the frame.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead when it comes to taking a great photo. No matter where you are, there’s always a good place to take a picture. Attention to the surrounding environment, not just more to care about the natural light of the current scene, after all, the light is good, a picture at least half done, if it is to be taken in outdoor, it is important to note that shooting time, every day, each time period, the intensity of the light and Angle is different, an experienced outdoor photographer would know this.

Of course, this group photo may not only be taken outdoors, but most of the time it will be taken indoors, at work, at home, in restaurants. But no matter where we shoot, we need to pay attention to how we can make better use of the natural and artificial light in the environment, so that everyone becomes the focus of the picture.


Fortunately, we now have powerful high speed shutter at our disposal, we can capture people’s instant expression in a very fast time. To get our subjects to make good expressions, the photographers have to learn to interact with their subjects, to talk to them, to play a little game with them, in order to arouse their emotions, and all you have to do is to hold the camera and be ready to record their most real moments.

When shooting, we can use a tripod to fix the camera. The purpose of using a tripod is to make every picture have a strictly fixed and consistent composition, which will not only make the photos we take better, but also make the shooting more efficient.

Of course, there are some rules to follow when taking group photos:

Unless you’re asking your subject to do something special, everyone should be looking at your camera;

Everyone should be in your picture, but don’t fill the frame too much. Leave some white space at the edges of the frame.

No matter how fast your shutter speed, but involving many people, it is inevitable that a certain person will blink, so always check your work, the same scene more than a few shots, to avoid such a situation;

If possible, keep the number of people in the picture to an odd number, because when the number of people is even, our brain will unconsciously divide the number of people into equal parts, while when the number of people is odd, the picture will be treated as a whole.

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