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The RGB panel light is the largest light-emitting area
in the US market, with a size of 13.8*7.9 inch,
and the light-emitting area of each GVM 1500D light is
equivalent to 2-3 times that of ordinary lights.


RGB Video Light

2021 Upgraded RGB video lights,
75W high power light, Consist with 1128pcs Highlight LED beads,
lumen is 27000lux/0.5m,11000lux/1m.
Larger and longer light-emitting area.
3 1太阳
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
3 2RGB
Step-less adjustable
RGB 0°-360°
3 3功率 75W
Each side
Power of 75w
3 4特效
Scene lights
8 Special lights
3 5手机
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
3 6联控
Save time and effort
Joint Control

Bi-color & RGB

Output Ways

The first mode is where the color temperature is
between 3200K and 5600K.
The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output
and color saturation of red, green,and blue from 0% to 100%.

8 Kinds of

Scene Lights

APP Intelligent

Control System

Featuring Mobile Bluetooth APP control function
can be controlled light by smart mobile device
Search the APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or the manual

Master/Slave Mode

RGB 1000D supports Master and Slave control mode.
You could set one light as the master mode
and other GVM lights as Slave mode
which you could easily control all lights with the master one.

CRI 97+ New

patented technology

GVM 1500D RGB Video Light consists of 1125 LED Lamp beads,
65W Output &High brightness RGB LED Beads
which with high color rendering performance of
over 97+ CRI value and high brightness,
can enrich the color of the item, to meet your different shooting needs.
5 17

Good Heat


Aviation-grade aluminum alloy material,
high-quality heat dissipation performance,
which greatly protects the lamp beads
and prolongs the service life of the lamp beads.
6 21




Light Stand

Solid & Adjustable Light Stand,
Made of aluminum alloy,
giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work.

Lightweight design

Thin to 3cm
1.55kg weight
8 9

GVM 1500D

RGB Video Light

Advanced Professional Level

The GVM 1500D RGB video light is an ideal choice for
photography, interviews and live broadcasts, and film
shooting that require the best precision, accuracy,
and flicker-free output light color.
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Single Light

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2 Light Kit

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3 Light Kit

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