3 Best LED Video Lights for Video and Cinematography in 2022

If there’s one more important thing to make video with a good 4k camera and crystal clear audio these days, it’s LED video lights. But with hundreds of video lights claiming to be best for you, how can you possibly find the right one?

We also offer several video lights, from camera-mounted portable LED lights to LED panel lights to LED spotlights, designed to help you cover all the basics when it comes to high-end video production.

First, take a look at the important things to consider when buying lights to take your production quality to the next level.

things to consider

1. Beam angle

How much area are you hoping to cover with this light? Are you looking to illuminate the whole scene or create more of a spotlight effect? These are the important things to think about when deciding on the appropriate beam angle for your new video light. Wider beam angles will produce light that covers a wide area, while lower-degree beam angles will create a more concentrated stream of light.

2. Light output

The lights you see behind the scenes on professional movie sets are likely to have a very high light output, but they are also sure to cost a pretty penny and generate a lot of heat. If you are filming in a home studio or relatively confined space, there is no need for lights with very high lux to create the illusion of a professional set. Below we have used lux at 1 meter as a measurement of brightness, where a higher value means brighter light and higher output. It is also worth looking into how compatible your home outlets are with different light outputs to prevent safety risks.

3. Color temperature

It is crucial to have the ambiance of your content in mind when deciding on a light, as that will help you decide on the right color temperature. Lights in the lower ranges of color temperatures are going to give off a warm, orange hue, while lights on the higher end of the spectrum will produce a sharper, blue hue. Color temperature is what determines the color of your lighting and usually ranges from about 2700K – 6500K.

4. Noise

Noise is a critical component when buying lights for video content. Nothing is less professional than distractions in the background of your videos. It is thus advisable to steer clear of larger lights that make use of cooling fans. In the case of lights, bigger is not always better.

5. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI is going to be the determining factor in the quality of your lighting setup. You want to look for a cinematography light with a CRI of 90-97 in order to rest assured that your light will produce the same quality as advertised in the product images. This is the specification to look out for to avoid an “Expectation vs. Reality” scenario.

6. Portability

The portability of filming equipment is a relevant concern in many genres of cinematography and video creation, including travel vlogs, movie production, review videos, and much more. If you can already feel your blood start to boil just thinking about fitting a bulky setup into your car boot, you might want to consider some of the sleeker options on the list.

Equipped with a range of lighting effects and a CRI of 97+, this inclusive light ensures you have the highest quality lighting for every occasion

If you’re looking for a colorful LED light, then this GVM-820D video light might be the perfect addition to your shooting scene. Remember when we said you need to consider the vibe of your video when buying lighting? This compact lighting system gives you fully adjustable hue, saturation and intensity, giving you complete control over your video production.

Its compact size allows for easy transport of multiple lights in one carrier, small form factor, high brightness, and APP control for more precise control of this lighting gadget.

Color as you like, full-color output, the color you want can be achieved with this light, and it can also bring you the highest cost-effectiveness when bringing personality and originality to your production background.


color temperature: 3200-5600K
Lux: 18000Lux /0.5m, 5600Lux /1m
Power supply: DC15V/3A
Size: 336*368*52mm
Weight: 1 kg

Reason to buy

+ Compact and lightweight
+ Constant light and flash mode
+ Extensive lighting effects
+ Buy one get one free


• 3200K – 5600K color temperature
• Color Rendering Index: 97+
• 18000lux/0.5m, 5600lux/1m
• Full hue, saturation and brightness adjustable
• 8 scene modes
• Dual color temperature function
• Powered by AC adapter and Sony F750/970 battery
• APP control
• Memory function to save custom scenes
• Includes carry bag
• 336*368*52mm

This barn door style light is sure to make any setup look professional. However, the GVM 50RS RGB video light is definitely not just for looks.

The light comes with multiple colour and bi-colour options and can be controlled via its mobile app GvmEasily. And with a CRI over 97, you can rest assured that each of these colors is top-notch quality.

The barn door design helps personalize the beam angle and minimize spillage, while the surface stripe design ensures thorough heat dissipation.

You can place this light on a shelf, on a table, or even on the floor to ensure your fixtures are illuminated exactly the way you want

The GVM 50RS RGB video light is powered by an AC power adapter, but a dedicated battery can be purchased separately for wireless use.

If you’re working in a larger studio, this video light might be better suited as a fill light, but it can fill in a great key light in smaller scenes. GVM also guarantees the validity of the model in outdoor settings.


Color temperature: 3200-5600K
Color: RGB 0°~360°
Power supply: DC15V/4A
Size: 270*263*40mm
Weight: 1.9 KG