2024 Las Vegas NABShow–GVM’s mysterious products are all here

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GVM Wraps Up Successful NAB Show with Amazing New Product Launches
We are thrilled to share that GVM has achieved remarkable success at the recent NAB Show held in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Convention Center from April 14th to 17th.
This premier event for film and video production technology served as an exceptional showcase for GVM’s innovative lighting solutions, capturing the attention of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Product Highlights from the Show

At the forefront of our exhibit were the GVM-SD800/1200 Series MonoLights, the GVM-PD/PL60 RGB Pocket lights, and the GVM-100/200C Foldable Panel Light. Each product has been designed with distinct features that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern filmmaking and content creation.

GVM-SD1200B and Related Mono Lights

Efficient All-In-One Design: These lights eliminate the cumbersome wiring typical of traditional split fixtures, significantly enhancing operational efficiency during shoots and when stowing equipment.

  1. Full Color Spectrum: It has ​​6 color light sources, with wider color gamut output, which can achieve full spectrum.
  2. Reduced Failure Rate: The simplified design minimizes the use of connectors, which decreases the potential for malfunctions associated with frequent cable handling.
  3. Safety and Flexibility: Power cords can be extended as needed, providing greater adaptability without the limitations of standard cable lengths. Weather/rain proof, enhancing the shooting capacity.
  4. Ease of Use: The design simplifies adjustments and setups, particularly in challenging environments or when lights need to be mounted at height.
  5. Variety of Control Methods: long-distance wired hand controller, Bluetooth mesh, ARTNET, DMX, LumenRadio, can meet any film and television site use.

GVM-PD60 Series PocketLights

  1. Portable Design: At just 1.1 kg and with a compact, one-piece structure, this light is perfect for filmmakers on the go.
  2. Powerful Built-in Battery: Equipped with a 6600mAh lithium battery, these lights offer extensive usability without the hassle of external wiring, suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes.
  3. Diversified Light Control: Features one-key conversion for creative effects, including an SOS distress signal for enhanced safety during outdoor shoots.
  4. Professional Dimming Capability: Multiple dimming curves cater to varied lighting needs, with Bluetooth APP support for convenient remote control.

GVM-200C Foldable RGB Panel Light

  1. All-in-one Simple Design: This light frees users from the constraints of separate controllers, streamlining both setup and storage.
  2. Ultra-High Adaptability: The flexible, bendable nature of the light body allows it to conform to various shooting conditions, with the capability for quick, seamless splicing of multiple units.
  3. Innovative Dimming Technology: Advanced built-in dimming curves provide precise control over lighting effects.
  4. Rich Scene Modes: Includes a variety of preset scenes that range from natural daylight to dramatic effects, enhancing creative visual storytelling.

Unique Advantages

GVM’s newest innovations not only advance technological capabilities but also significantly enhance workflow efficiency and portability. These features make our products particularly suitable for the fast-paced, efficiency-driven demands of contemporary film and video production. The user-friendly design ensures that both professionals and hobbyists can easily operate the lights, allowing for creative freedom and ease of use.

Looking Ahead

As GVM continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation, we remain dedicated to providing the film and video production industry with high-quality, efficient lighting solutions. We look forward to collaborating on future projects and achieving shared success.
We deeply appreciate your support and trust in GVM, and we are excited to create more possibilities with you.

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