VisionFest 2024: A Launchpad for GVM’s Hollywood Ascent

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With a 30-year history, the VisionFest in LA, sponsored by GVM, has concluded, leaving an unforgettable impact among the filmmaking industry. The festival, renowned for celebrating the innovation and talent of young filmmakers, shone brighter this year with GVM’s involvement, marking a huge milestone for GVM’s future development in Hollywood.

For over two decades, VisionFest has served as a vital platform for emerging indie talents to showcase their work, and they’ve got numerous prizes such as Grand Jury Award Winner, Pushing Boundaries Award and Best Short Audience Award, etc.

The event GVM Film & Lighting, carrying a professional series of lights, Pro 650 with Fresnel F60 illuminated the main venue.YU300R panel lights and Tube Light to ignite the atmosphere of the event.The film festival activities have reached their peak.

Hosted by the Filmmakers Alliance (FA), this year’s festival not only continued its legacy but also introduced a groundbreaking collaboration with lots of famous filmmakers, directors and actors.

As co-founder and president of the Filmmakers Alliance, Jacques Thelemaque has already launched countless films onto the global stage, while his tenure with FA Productions saw him produce critically acclaimed features like “The Revenant,The Dogwalker” and “Midnight Movie.”

Sean Hood, as one of the main jurors, is a renowned WGA screenwriter from 1998 to 2018, and he is celebrated for his prowess in horror and swords-and-sandals genres. With notable credits like “Halloween: Resurrection” and “Conan the Barbarian,” Hood’s storytelling finesse has left an indelible mark on genre cinema.

“We’d love to have GVM here, and we would definitely collaborate with you in the future.” Jacquces said. With the professional experience in filmmaking, they all saw a bright future with GVM’s new Pro series lights, and they claimed that he would be willing to bring this new series to the forefront of Hollywood, expecting an exciting new chapter for both GVM and the “Young Filmmakers Project” GVM has just launched.

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