6 Basic Portrait Photography Lighting Methods

Photographers usually use LED panel light kit to make a portrait shoot in studio. I believe everyone understands that light is a more necessary element for photography. Light can improve the quality of photos. For the most typical indoor photography,  everyone can clearly show their own lighting settings and scenery, which is the key. Below are the six most common types of lighting.

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As the name suggests, it is to divide the face into two, one side is bright and the other is dark, which will create a stronger sense of drama via RGB light panels, suitable for characters with strong personality or temperament such as artists, musicians, etc. Of course, the masculine taste will also be heavier. To create this effect, place the light source at 90 degrees to the left or right of the object, and move it slightly forward or back to accommodate different shapes.

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2.Ring Lighting

This is to make the nose cast some shadows on the cheeks. To achieve this effect, the light source should be slightly above eye level and 30-40 degrees above the camera (depending on the individual face). Notice the effect in the image above, the light source is slightly above eye level, the projection of the nose is not connected to the cheek shadow, but slightly downward, and the light source is not so high that the eye light is lost.Photographer can better make a better shooting by using flexible LED panel.

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3、Rembrandt Lighting

The name comes from the lighting method  that the painter Rembrandt often used in painting, and the triangular light position on the face is the mark. Unlike the ring lighting, the shadows of the nose and cheeks are connected, but more importantly, the eyes on the other side of the shadow still have eye lights to maintain a piercing look and the photo is also dramatic. Meanwhile, if you can grasp the angle and composition via diffuser panel light, you can fully present the perspective of the scene and make the picture more tension.

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4.Paramount light

The name of this lighting comes from the butterfly-shaped symmetrical shadow created under the nose. The light source is set directly behind the camera and creates shadows on the cheeks and chin, thus accentuating the cheekbones and making the face appear thinner and the chin sharper, enhancing the subject’s charm. However, sometimes a reflector is used or even the subject holds it for fill-in light.By the way, best lighting for photography can make a huge difference to image quality.

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5.Wide light

It’s not a specific lighting setup,  but a style that can be used whether split, ring or Rembrandt. The method is actually very simple, that is, let the side that receives the light turn to the lens, so the side that receives the light will look wider, and then the whole face will look larger and wider, which is suitable for people with thin faces.

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6、Thin and light

Contrary to the broad light, the darker side faces the lens, so that the face looks a little sharper and more three-dimensional and atmospheric.

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GVM 200W Bi-Color & RGB video light with COB lamp bead (Lumen: 98200lux/0.5m, 97+ color rendering index, 2700k~7500k color temperature) present the object as authentically as possible, offers natural, pristine color for video recording, outdoor shooting, live streaming, interview and YouTube film-making productions.The best continuous light for photography equipped with a built-in radiator and fan cooling system, quiet and powerful. Effectively improve heat dissipation in complex and long shooting environments, to better protect the COB lamp bead and extend the life of the light.

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200W COB professional photography light or studio light, the price of GVM-SD200R is relatively kind among the high-quality brands. A light comes standard with a power adapter, power cord, standard cover and color film. The official price is only 539$, and it also supports when there is no electricity. Battery powered, it is also convenient for photographers who need to move the venue. Coupled with just-needed accessories, the cost of photography lights or studio lights in the three-lamp studio are totally under controlled. For photography dreams, this is the most professional and most realistic cost.


Product model : GVM-SD200R

Lamp beads quantity : COB*1

Color rendering index : ≥97

Color temperature : 2700K~7500K

HUE : 0°~360°

SAT : 0%~100%

Channel of Slave/APP/mode:1-12

Lumen : Bare bulb 7970 lux/1m; Reflector 68200 lux/1m

Light adjustment method : Stepless adjustment from 0%-100%

Function / Feature : LCD screen, high display, APP control, master/slave mode

GVM-SD600D is the ultimate color powerful LED dual spotlight. After installation, the light can be too strong, so that the light can be concentrated.Easily control the fill light, allowing you to shoot the desired effect on the spot.Features robust construction and efficient update capability.Therefore, it can provide stable and consistent high output for a long time in the long-term output.And softbox continuous lighting kit has a light and compact design.One of the most common features of its kind, suitable for use on most trips.

GVM-SD600D has a wider range of color temperature than conventional spotlights.It has 2700K~7500K dual color temperature step-less control, I wish you a good shot. CRI 97+ restores the true colors of beauty and has more realistic color reproduction.Also, it can make the captured picture more vivid, the color of the characters is more realistic, and the texture of light and shadow is better.This continuous lighting for product photography uses an intuitive panel control interface to operate the lights quickly and easily. The digital display displays all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.


Product model : GVM-SD600D

Lamp beads quantity : COB*1

Color rendering index : ≥97

Color temperature : 2700K~7500K

Lumen : Bare bulb 7970 lux/1m; Reflector 68200 lux/1m

Light adjustment method : Stepless adjustment from 0%-100%

Function / Feature : LCD screen, high display, APP control, master/slave mode

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